Reason 161: Indoor Meet 3- Albuquerque

January 20-21, 2012

First *real* meet was in Albuquerque.  This track was... raised.  It was so weird.  I am getting used to it now since a couple of meets have been similar, but I was definitely shocked!

Downtown Albuquerque is actually a pretty sketchy place.  Walking around down there, even in broad daylight, was scary.  Our hotel had a nice view, but that was about it.  The best part of the trip was dinner on Saturday.  I went with a group of distance girls to Garduno's restaurant.  WOW.  It was one of those restaurants that you can imagine yourself hopping on a plane JUST to go eat there.  Yep- that good.

Reason 160: St. George weekend

January 14, 2012

While the team went on a road trip to Boise, I went to St. George with Jason, Andrew, and Justin.

Rappelling.  Eating.  Double date with Sarah and Jeff.  Ignoring the onset of real life for a little bit longer.
Little Hannah rappelling on a rather high rappel.

Reason 159: Indoor Meet 1- Provo

January 6-7, 2012

This weekend we spent in Provo, hosting UVU and basically doing a time trial.

Smith Fieldhouse Track
Our indoor track

Smith Fieldhouse Track
I've realized that most indoor tracks are visible for the entire thing.  Ours is not.  Weird.  And difficult.

So, thus starts the beginning to the indoor track season.