Reason 106: The Boys of Fall

Well, Kenny Chesney, you've stolen my heart again.

I've listened to Kenny for about seven years.  He always impresses me with his real life topics.  I had heard about his newest song "Boys of Fall" and always forgot to look it up.  But today, as I sit on my couch instead of in statistics compliments of food poisoning,  I saw it on CMT (Yes- I do watch the Country Music Channel. But only when my opinionated-country-judging-husband is gone haha).  


"One of the things that caught me is how fast 27 years has gone by.  There are so many people that live vicariously through you.  I would give anything tonight to jump in one of these uniforms with you guys. That feeling goes away, it goes away and it doesn't come every Friday night.  It comes when you get married,  it comes when your child is born.  So you get, you just don't get it every Friday night.  You will miss that more than anything in the world."

This is the quote from the coach at the beginning.  Well said.  All of it, well said.

"It's I got your number, I got your back when your back's against the wall/
You mess with one man you got us all/
The boys of fall."


This just really got me thinking.  I can't believe it's already been 2 1/2 years since graduation.  High School was pretty awesome and I am proud to be an alumni of Dixie High.  I also miss my boys at American Fork from last years football season.  I was privileged enough to work as their student athletic trainer for football season and LOVED it.

And, of course, I love working with BYU Football this season.  Tomorrow?  Nevada.  Looking forward to challenging the Wolfpack.

Reason 105: Trip to Air Force Academy

Friday, September 10, 2010

Okay- so this trip didn't end so well.  We all know that by now so we will merely disregard that portion because everything else was AWESOME!

We had a walk-through on Friday afternoon before we went to the Provo Airport.  We flew on Virgin American which was sweet because we each had our own personal TV that had games, movies, satellite tv, music videos, and the ability to chat with people in other seats.  True story.  So we got to Colorado Springs and checked into our hotel and it was INCREDIBLE.  It's called the Broadmoor- a legit, 5-star hotel.  We got really lucky.

Our amazing room that only two of us had to share!

The swimming pool that turns into a "lake" in between all the sections of this hotel.  They had water slides, hot tubs, and paddle boats you could ride around.  

Cousin Linda picked me up and we went to dinner at this super quaint Mexican Restaurant.
This is PJ and Julia- so glad they could come!

Sean, Liam, Kaitlyn, and me.  I look exhausted.
Flying over the Rocky Mountains on a relatively small plane with high winds can make you VERY ill.

Linda and I :)
So glad I got to be with them!  Love you guys!

Saturday morning we got up and went to the stadium to get ready for the game.  

This is the sign we were met with as we walked into the stadium.

Me, Chels, and Shandi before the game

Their stadium was pretty awesome.

Uncle Jared was there!  

The American flag on the field at halftime

The this trip was awesome :).  I am SO grateful for the opportunity I have to work with the BYU Football team and it was so fun to travel with them.  This weekend Jason and I are flying to the Florida State game!  We are hoping for the beach on Friday, game on Saturday, and we want to go to the Cowboys- Bears game at the fancy new Cowboys stadium on Sunday!  

Reason 104: Our Apartment :)

Monday, August 30, 2010.

We finally got all moved in before school started!  We found some awesome bookshelves, tv stand, side tables, and a dresser at Target as well as the perfect table at KMart.  Jake's dad also brought us a couch and our love sac!  We found a cover for the couch and reorganized the living room to the best of our abilities- but the love sac still seems to eat the room.  But you know what?   It's so comfortable and perfect that we don't even care!  Here are some pictures of our current casa.

We love it :) We also got REALLY organized so our NEXT move at the end of January should be a piece of cake.  Living the life!!

Reason 103: Friends and Homemade Pizza :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010.

A little delayed, I know.  But so good I couldn't pass up the chance to blog about it!

Seeing as how we finally got settled into our new apartment, we invited some friends over for homemade pizza and ice cream sundaes.  It was such a great night!  Thanks to Val, Maren, Lindsey, Kyle, Skyler, Jocelyn, and Jake for making it a fantastic evening.

We played a couple of games which was extremely reminiscent of high school.  We definately missed the rest of our group and wish they could've come!  It was fun to catch up and unfortunately say some good-byes.  It's amazing to see where everyone goes in life and to remember the influence each person does- and continues to have- on you.