Reason 102: Rise and Shout

Tuesday, August 17, 2010.

Today was- to date- my favorite moment of football.  Practice was called a bit early and we met with the team in the center of the field.  Apparently, all the players are required to know the fight song and all the freshmen and transfers were asked to pass it off today.   And if they didn't know it?  They'd have to sprint 200 yards (haha).

So, they tentatively began.  There was one or two guys of the twenty that could actually carry a tune so it sounded pretty bad, but they did know the words.  Everyone got real excited and started clapping and cheering.  Soon the whole team joined in on the chorus.  They weren't just standing there singing- they were WAY into it!  They were dancing around, clapping, cheering- oh baby. I love football.

It gave me chills.  GO COUGS.

See you soon, Washington.

Reason 101: Life Currently

Tuesday, August 10, 2010.

I had to look up the date and day of the week.  I have spent more time on campus working with the BYU Football team than I ever thought possible.  Days, weeks, and months are running together (it's only been a week though- haha).  But seriously- working with the football team is the most awesome thing in the world.  I love every single second of it!  Today afforded a sweet tennis shoe tan line, a very prominent wedding ring tan line, and (unfortunately) a smoking hot sunglasses tan line. Maybe tomorrow I should go with the hat?

I was assigned to work with the inside linebackers.  I have never spent much time learning defenses, so I am super excited to be working with them. Practices are insane but so fun.  There is never a dull moment and until we learn exactly how practices run, it's a slight mad scramble to stay with our position groups when the drills change.  Check out this article that Deseret News ran:

Awesome stuff. We all have a bottle of pickle juice with us and I have already used it- a lot.  Can't wait for the Washington game to get here- this semester is going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
On a separate note, we are MOVING tomorrow!  We found a contract at Cambridge Court in Provo- very close to the stadium :).  We will be there until the end of January when we can finally move to Springville.

And on a final note- I have the wedding pictures and they look stunning.  Many thanks to Spencer Burton for all of his work and time.  I will start posting those soon!  If you were at the wedding, there is a very high chance that there is a picture of you :)

Reason 100: Honeymoon Day 8

Saturday, June 26, 2010.

Final day at sea.

We didn't want this cruise to end.  It was too wonderful, too relaxing, too nice to be totally cut off from the world.  But we were excited to go start real life together.  Here are a couple of pictures from the final day.
Formal night!  Back in black :)

Our dinner table.  This was one of the best parts of the cruise!

We had dinner at 8:30 every night.  At our table were two other couples.  On the right is Natalie and Jeff- who happen to be current BYU students!  That was fun to talk and find out mutual friends, majors, classes, etc.  They are both from California and are celebrating a delayed honeymoon after their marriage in December 2009.  On the left are our Russian friends.  It was really cool to talk to them about the culture differences and their experiences.  They live in Sacramento and she is a chef at UC Davis.  


So the cruise was incredible.  I am so grateful for an amazing husband (and his awesome family) for this wonderful surprise!  We had the best experience and couldn't have asked for anything better.  I love you Jake- thank you times a million :)

Reason 99: Honeymoon Day 7

Friday, June 25, 2010.

Today we were at sea. We took this opportunity to sleep in and try out some new stuff on the ship.

For lunch we went to a 1950's-style diner on board called Johnny Rocket's.

Photo from Royal Carribean's website.
Basically, you pay five dollars for all you can eat burgers, hot dogs, fries, shakes, etc.  So worth it.  Except for the little fact that we were about to explode afterwards :).  Next on the agenda was the belly flop contest and more seaside relaxation.  It was really wind and pretty cold on deck, so we didn't put on any sunscreen.  And lo and behold- we both ended up sunburnt.  Don't ever let the Pacific ocean wind deceive you!  

I desperately love this boy.

More undocumented ship-exploration and fun occurred.  But like previously mentioned, we didn't take our camera everywhere (although citing the recent posts with dozens of pictures, you'd probably disagree).  Another nice, relaxing, food-filled day at sea!

Reason 98: Honeymoon Day 6 Part 2

Thursday, June 24, 2010.

We packed a lot into this day, so I figured I'd split the posts.

After the super incredible jungle experience, we went back to the ship for lunch.  We decided to head back to the beach since we still had five more hours in port.

My super hot husband posing at the beach.

The Burtons. *Aww*

This is one of my favorite beaches in the world.

This is the same beach Kels and I went parasailing in January 2007.
Love you and miss you Kelsi!

Jason swimming in the ocean :)
It was like bath water.  SO warm.

After the beach, we stopped at Walmart for shampoo.
We just can't get away from it!

Back on the ship, we participated in all of our favorite activities.
1. Free frozen yogurt any time.
2. Sitting on the deck, overlooking our port and the ocean.
3. Reading in pool chairs.
4. Sleeping in the pool chairs.
5. Repeat every day for many hours.
Vacation should equal relaxation and THIS was perfect.

Us... again :)

Pretty Puerto Vallarta sunset :)

Jason participating in said activity.

I couldn't get enough of this sunset.


I am going back to this city for a long vacation.
Favorite port, without question.

This was in intense, packed day.  The beauty of Mexico, especially Puerto Vallarta, is amazing.  

Reason 97: Honeymoon Day 6 Part 1

Thursday, June 24, 2010.

Today.  Was.  Fantastic.

We did this incredible tour to the jungles of Puerto Vallarta.  The tour description said it better than me... so here it goes!

"The adventure begins with a panga boat ride and off road adventure to the heart of the tropical forests where you will ride mules, learn a variety of wilderness techniques, splash through streams, rappel through waterfalls into natural river pools, and soar 200 ft above the ground over the jungle foliage on a 1000 ft zip line! Our trip leaders' knowledge of the landscape and wildlife makes these trips unforgettable adventures - and their expertise ensures a fun, educational and safe trip into the wilderness. Discover and explore the extraordinary flora and fauna hidden away under the canopy of the jungle!"

A professional photographer followed us around and took pictures.  Here are the pictures :)

The jungles we drove up to 

Our sweet trucks we rode up in.
Although at the time, we thought we were gonna die.
Oh. My. Bumpy. Freaking. Ride.
Crazy drivers!

Jason riding the mule up the mountain.

Myself riding the mule up the mountain.
(We are both in blue shirts- sorry.  Bad wardrobe choice for pics)

That smile?
Plastered on.
The guides would make the mules trot up the SUPER STEEP goat trail.
I felt as though I was close to death.
NOT my favorite part.
But in retrospect- it was pretty sweet to ride a mule to the top of the mountain in the Mexican Jungle!

Jason on the first zipline.  He was a pro.

This is me again.  I loved this so much.
To fly through the air over unspoiled jungles with splendid views really took your breath away.
And you could get going through the air REALLY fast.
God is very good to give us such a beautiful, diverse world.

Jason rappelling down the waterfall.
How cool is that?

So pretty.  So different than anything we've done before.

The water was the most clean water I have ever been in.
It was a warm, humid day and the cool water was welcome.

Me on the free fall rappel.
At the end of this one, they would drop you into the water.
True story.

Right before they dropped an unknowing Jason into the water.

Okay, okay.
So they got me, too.

But it felt so good.
This is the best adventure ever.

The last rappel was a race.
I am on the left.
Jake on the right.
Look at that view!

Jason won.  

We also got to walk over tightrope bridges, hike through the rattlesnake infested jungle, and see frogs and other wildlife.  So. Amazing.  Thanks to Jake for amazing cruise and adventure :) Love you forever.

Reason 96: Honeymoon Day 5

Wednesday, June 23,  2010.

Today we were guests in the city of Mazatlan, Mexico.  We were greeted at the dock by a solider who was holding an AK-47. That describes much of Mazatlan.  For some reason, this town (at least the cruise ship port, I've heard otherwise about the resort side of the city) felt a need to secure the tourists in a small area complete with soldiers, big guns, high walls, and barbed wire.  They brought authentic Mexican food (extremely yummy nachos) and a market of souvenirs within this wall to encourage us to stay.

But alas, we did not.  Neither did anyone else.  And we were quite glad that we didn't because Mazatlan was VERY cool and VERY beautiful.  I guess they just don't want American's wandering around, doing stupid stuff!

This is us in the taxi.  

Might I add, it was blistering hot and humid.  Very unlike our other two ports.  We hired a taxi which seemed to be like a golf cart on steroids.  Seriously. 

Our taxi.  Way cool.

Alto.  I love this.

Our destination?  The professional cliff divers.  They were so awesome.  They jumped off a really high cliff into some shallow, rock-filled water.  I was one of those tourists sitting on the side, gasping with each jump.  I was also so mesmerized I didn't take many pictures.  

Yeah- that is the jump.  Woah.  

The other side of the platform. 

The ocean.  It was beautiful.

And the city and beach behind us.  

Senor Frog!

That night was a lot of fun.  We, of course, had an extremely tasty dinner. Then we went to the "Love and Marriage Game Show."  They asked for a honeymoon couple and we TOTALLY should have done it but we didn't want all the attention!  There were 39 honeymoon couples on our ship.  The game show was absolutely hysterical!  As soon as it was over we raced to the top deck to the midnight buffet!  You'd think we were starving to death.  It was MARVELOUS.  Everything you could ever want.  And lots of cute carvings, too.

At the game show

Our towel bat!
Mazatlan was very cool.  Much different and a little nerve-wracking, but definately unique.