Reason 73: Road Trips

Friday, May 28, 2010.

Do you want to know one way to tell if you are about to marry the right person?  Go on a road trip with them, start dramatically singing to your ipod, and see how they react.

I am definitely marrying the right person.

The drive to StG on Friday was turning out to be lame because of traffic, so I turned on my ipod to our wedding playlist and started singing along.  Soon, Jason had joined in.  I fell more in love with that kid than you can ever believe.

We really got into the music- Disney songs, Coldplay, Country... the whole mix.  We had all the facial expressions, tone changes, and imaginary microphones.  We even busted out some dance moves.  It was so fantastic.  We sang for 2 and a half solid hours- with a stop in Cedar for Maverick frozen yogurt and some candy.  It was quite possibly the most fun road trip ever.

Especially since our destination was St. George.

Thanks, babe.

Reason 72: Grandpa Sheldon

Friday, May 27, 2010.

Each year since I can remember, my family has made a trek to Utah Valley for Memorial Day.  My Grandpa is buried in Springville, as is my two great-grandpas, a great grandma, my great-great-grandparents, and some great aunts.

My outstanding fiance agreed to make the pilgrimage with me this year (even though it was only 20 minutes south) since my family didn't come.  We stopped at Walmart to buy nine mums and a sunflower bouquet.

Our first stop, as always, was Grandpa Sheldon's grave. This year it meant even more to me.  As many people know our wedding colors are black, white, and yellow which are based around the sunflower.  Grandpa Sheldon did a lot of work with sunflowers when he was living in Minnesota and North Dakota and in my head there has always been that association.  On his headstone there are sunflowers- they were a seemingly big part of his life.  So- in honor of him, we chose the sunflower and have patterned our wedding decorations after that.

So today, besides the flowers from my family, I found a lovely bouquet of long-stem sunflowers to leave for him as well.  As you may be able to see, Grandpa Sheldon died in 1980 which is ten years before I was born.  For one reason or another I have been fascinated with his life and have felt a closeness and love for him that I cannot explain.  I don't feel I need to.   It's only a matter of time until we meet again.

Today I am thankful- from the bottom of my heart- for Grandpa Sheldon.  It was an emotional afternoon, but also one filled with testimony.  The greatest thing in the world is knowing that God lives, He loves us, and He has provided a way for us to live with our family throughout time and the vast, incomprehensible eternity.  Love is truly unceasing and joy is everlasting.  

Reason 71: Survival

Wednesday, May 26, 2010.

My day started in a strange hotel with the word "wedding" pounding in my head.  Then I woke up and realized that it was May 26 and the wedding was 23 days away and I had no need to stress.  Then I realized it was Wednesday...oh dreaded Wednesday.  I laid in bed and willed it away.  I tried for a full ten minutes to no avail.  But alas, it arrived and I conquered it.  Holla.

Ortho impairments was dreadfully boring today.  I had to fight to keep my head up.  Exercise Physiology wasn't much better.  I knew there were 44 slides in the presentation and I made tally marks on my notes as class went on.  Don't judge- at least I went.  There were less than 20 of us there in a class of 45 people.  I then came home and slept (and couldn't wake up haha).  Then I studied.  And studied.  And studied.

I got my wedding announcement in the mail- I love, love, love, love, LOVE them!  Thanks to my mom, Hannah, Denise, and Sarah for doing so well in their assembly of the invitations.

Then I went to microbiology and continued to die of boredom.  Actually, micro is getting better.  My teacher is a great guy and we have moved on from the composition of microbes to virology and immunology- way more interesting.  Then me, Jenny, and Russ gave our presentation on "Streptococcal Pneumonia."  It seemed to go relatively well.

Following class, I got a free 6 inch Subway sandwich (compliments of my beautiful little sister- thanks for the gift certificate, Hannah!) Then I went to the testing center and took my Ortho Impairments exam. 10 multiple choice, 20 free response.  It was a pretty nasty test.  I had some crazy writers cramp.  But I think it went really well.

I am now sitting on my couch- a Wednesday Survivor.  I am watching NCIS and getting extremely giddy that the wedding is so close and the bulk of the term is over for me.  I am very proud of myself.

Reason 70: The Sun

Tuesday, May 25, 2010.

The sun came out today. Glory, glory.  Jocelyn and I made the trek to Timpanogos Park in Provo Canyon to "study."  It actually got... hot... outside.  It was so great.  I was worried it'd never stop snowing/raining in this city.  Well the wedding tan is in progress and the week is almost half over.  Just a couple of big "To Do's" left and I am almost entirely home free...

1. Microbiology presentation on Streptococcus Pneumonia.
2. Orthopaedic Impairments Test
3. Exercise Physiology Test
4.  Exercise Physiology Quiz

I think I can... I think I can... the wedding is almost here and I spend my days thinking about bacteria... and the Kreb's cycle.. and metabolism... and forefoot valgus vs varus...

Reason 69: Getting it DONE!

Monday, May 24, 2010.

Today was one of those days where you just accomplish a LOT and when you finally stop- exhausted- you are SO proud of yourself.  Well- that is me, right now, at 12:22 am.  And now for the sake of posterity, I shall record my successful day.  You don't have to read it. It's pretty dull.  (Haha)

1. I got to listen to the rain all night. THAT was sweet (we will now ignore the fact that a blizzard followed).
2. I stayed awake in Orthopaedic Impairments.
3. I was an excellent model of lower leg malfunction in the Orthopaedic Impairments Lab.
4. I did okay on the Exercise Physiology Quiz.
5. I SURVIVED the most dull Exercise Phys lecture ever.  Blast you, exercise metabolism.
6. I made grilled chicken for lunch.
7. I ordered 60 more pictures for announcements (and my fabulous mother got over 300 sent AND my fabulous mother-in-law and sister-in-law assembled 60 more in less than two hours!)
8. I took a blasted, hard, long Micro quiz and got 9 out of 10.
9. I ordered 20 disposable cameras (they say "Love" on them) for the reception to put on all the tables.
10. The cameras were only $1.99
11. And I discovered www.savings.com and got $5 more off.
12. I chose all the reception centerpiece photos.
13. I finished my Microbiology powerpoint on Streptococcal Pneumonia.
14.  I went to microbiology and paid attention relatively well.
15. I finished Exercise Phys lab 3 with Jenny.
16. I finished Exercise Phys Pre-Lab 4 with Jenny.
17. I explored the weight room with Jenny and did a chest press and leg press one rep max for exercise phys lab.
18. I did my laundry.
19. I did more Exercise Phys lab assignments.
20. I finished my Ortho Impairments Lab.
21. I caught up with a favorite Young Women's leader.
22. I counted blessings with my fiance.
23. I cleaned Tiki's fishbowl (Many thanks to Sarah Bown for getting us a Beta Fish!)
24. I blogged.

You know it's late when my OCD doesn't protest to my list ending on 24.  Such is life.

It is a good life, you know.  I am quite enjoying "the grind."  I can't believe classes end three weeks from today.  Only 25 days til the wedding (actually 24 since it is after midnight).  Good gracious it is coming fast!  Home in 4 days, bridals next Monday, bringing my bro up to Provo to hang out for a week, Jason has a full-time job.  Like I said- Life is So Good.

Reason 68: Rock Climbing and Gnocchi

Sunday, May 23, 2010.

Yesterday, Jason and I went rock climbing in Rock Canyon!  It was really cool.  You drive East past the Provo Temple and find yourself in a small parking lot.  After a 15 minute hike and a couple of river crossings, we found ourselves at a very nice rock climbing location.  We set up and started climbing!

Look how pretty!  This is the rock we climbed up.  Sweet, huh?  


Jason wasn't especially happy I was taking pictures when I should've been saving his life :)

Behind Jason you can see the canyon we were in.  So cool.

This is me at the TOP!  After much coaching and encouraging, Jason got me to the top!  It was super hard but I made it!  Thanks babe :)  When you got to the top you could see the Provo Temple, Utah Lake, and the valley.  That was sweet.

After we finished.  Tired, sweaty, covered in chalk.  That was amazing.

Oh yes- and we made Gnocchi.  Success!  We are hoping to perfect the recipe and make it a staple.  

Reason 67: Comedy Sportz

Saturday, May 22, 2010.

On Friday night, Jason and I went to Comedy Sportz with Kelsi and her friend.  It was SO much fun!  It is a comedy show that is based on "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and it is clean!  It was in a small building on Center Street in Provo.  So good :) Thanks for the invite Kels :)

It was a little late at night for Jason :)

Reason 66: Wedding Hair

Friday, May 21, 2010

Kelsi is amazing.  She is doing my hair for my wedding and for bridal pictures.  She came over on Friday and practiced and I immediately loved the first thing she did!  Simple, curls, bangs swept to the side.

There is the back.  Amazing, huh?  Thanks Kels :)

Reason 65: Mountain Biking

Thursday, May 20, 2010
On Thursday we went mountain biking in Provo Canyon.  Attempted to go mountain biking is a better phrase considering we didn't make it to the top.  It was a very hard trail!  Straight up climb.  I thought my lungs were going to collapse.  But lo and behold- I am alive.

Reason 64: Pictures

Thursday, May 20, 2010.

I fail this week. I can't believe I haven't blogged since Sunday- that's weird!

Jason moved up here and it has been fantastic! He is quite the chef- we have eaten very well! Also lots of running, yoga, mountain biking, board games, and wedding planning. Lucky boy ;-).

I posted an album of engagement pictures on Facebook and for those of you without Facebook, here is a public link.



Reason 63: Settlers of Catan

Monday, May 17, 2010.

Tonight we played Settlers of Catan.  And by we I mean me, Jason, Jocelyn, and Maren.  It was a really cool game!  Thanks to Aunt Rebecca who got it for us :).  I thoroughly enjoyed the strategy, bartering, and laughter.

My to do list is through the roof yet I spent two hours playing a game.  But it was so worth it.  Tomorrow will be lots of microbiology studying, quizzes, power cardio, mountain biking, yoga, and exercise physiology lab.  Oh the joys of.... life.

Reason 62: The Pizzaz Dance Review

Sunday, May 16, 2010.

Hannah is an incredible dancer.  Her dance review was Saturday night and she was so amazing!  She did a lyrical dance and a hip hop dance- so, so good!  She is very expressive and fun to watch.  I absolutely loved it.

Andrew was quite the dancer and escort!

Hannah is right in the middle- looking beautiful! 

Me and Hannah after the dance recital :)

Mom and Hannah

Good job Hannah girl!  You are a beautiful dancer!

Reason 61: St. George Triathlon

Saturday, May 15, 2010.

Today was the St. George Triathlon!  My super athletic fiance and his super athletic family had an Olypmic Triathlon relay team.  Jake did the swim which was 1.5 kilometers.  His time was 26 minutes 31 seconds- so good!  He was the second place swimmer of all the relay teams and his time was better than three of the seven elite triathletes!  Basically, he is amazing.

Thomas was asked to step in for the bike portion the night before- and he did so good!  33 k is not a small distance but he stuck it out and and finished in 1 hour 34 minutes.

Finally, James didn't succumb to old age and his week of vacationing and was the first place 10k finisher of the relay teams.

My next goal?  Triathlon.  September 18.  Unless I get selected to travel to Florida State with the BYU Football team.  Oh decisions :)

Reason 60: Songs with meaning

Thursday, May 13, 2010.

Have you ever found a song that defines you?  Of course one song cannot define you over your entire life (well, maybe it can). But I was considering this tonight and began listening to some favorites.

The song on my mind tonight is "Vienna" by Billy Joel. I love listening to it.  Again, very old school. 

This is just a very well-written song.  And seeing as how at this point in my life I think I am losing my mind, it fits (I am double majoring at Brigham Young University with plans to graduate one year early in one of the most time consuming majors on campus [Athletic Training- also the coolest].  I talked a counselor into waiving my registration so I could take OVER maximum credits in a term that ends less than 48 hours before I get married.  AND I'm working with the BYU football team in the fall, pulling a crazy schedule as a new wife.  Told you I've lost it.).  Maybe the wise Billy Joel is trying to tell me something here...  

Slow down, you crazy child
you're so ambitious for a juvenile 

Where's the fire, what's the hurry about?
You'd better cool it off before you burn it out
You've got so much to do and
Only so many hours in a day 

Slow down, you're doing fine
You can't be everything you want to be
Before your time 

Although it's so romantic on the borderline tonight

Dream on, but don't imagine they'll all come true
When will you realize, Vienna waits for you?

Slow down, you crazy child
and take the phone off the hook and disappear for awhile
it's all right, you can afford to lose a day or two 
When will you realize..Vienna waits for you? 

Amusing, eh?  Regardless of my insanity I have the support of my family, my fiance, my friends, and most importantly I feel GOOD about everything I am trying to accomplish right now.  The decision to push hard and graduate early is looking really good as I consider the Masters of Science program here.  And I'm pretty sure if I wasn't super busy right now, I'd be losing my mind anyways.

Thanks for the advice, Mr. Joel.  I will keep that in mind as I set out on my next big adventure.  35 Days ♥

P.S. Successful midterms.  Eat that Orthopaedic Impairments and Exercise Physiology.  

Reason 59: A compliment from the Testing Center

Wednesday, May 13, 2010.

Today, I got a compliment from the testing center.  This is a life-changing feat (kind of ).  For those of you non-BYU students, I shall provide a brief explanation concerning the importance of this compliment.

The BYU testing center is a large, old, foreboding building on campus.  You walk up a grand staircase and stand in one of four lines waiting to enter.  After you pick up your test and scantron, you walk through the swinging door into a huge room filled with desks and students.  This room has vaulted ceilings with windows lining the top of the walls.  I have spent a lot of time staring out those windows.  I think everyone has.  After you finish your test you take it through another door, hand it to an employee, and trek down the stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs you will find a television with scores flashing next to your student ID number.  Scary, huh?

Well, if you achieve a score about a 93% (or is 90?) the video screen adds a COMPLIMENT next to your score.  So yesterday I took my Orthopaedic Impairments test.  Only a small portion was multiple choice but I nailed it none the less.  Score?  93%.  Compliment?

Way to Go!

It sounds insignificant, but it's not.  I promise.  It's a motivation to keep going.

Reason 58: Bridal Shower #2

Tuesday, May 11, 2010.

On Saturday I was lucky enough to have another bridal shower!  Maren was the planning and chef extraordinaire for this delightful soiree.


I have the coolest friends :).  The theme was around my fifteen favorite movies- everyone tried to get their gift to relate.   And they all did a brilliant job.  One of the favorite movies to relate to was "How to lose a guy in 10 days." Briliant.  I got a love fern, two photo albums with instructions to photoshop our faces and create creepy kids (Sarah actually did that for us!), all the awkward stuff in the bathroom cabinet scene, as well as playing cards for a rousing game of B.S.

There were also a fair majority of risque gifts- and from some surprising people might I add!  

Jocelyn captured some fantastic facial expression pictures.  Unfortunately, I can't add the best ones.  There are preschool toys present!   We also played the game where I had to answer questions about Jason.  And he admittedly gave LAME answers so I would fail!  Have you ever put 10 pieces of bubblicious bubble gum in your mouth?  I almost suffocated!


It was a fantastic day.  Many thanks to all those who came!  I had a fantastic time and was once again reminded that I have the greatest friends.  Here is a partial group shot...

“To have a good friend is one of the highest delights in life; to be a good friend is one of the noblest and most difficult undertakings.”

Reason 57: Now I Can

Monday, May 10, 2010

A certain little girl emailed me today and told me to update my blog.  I didn't realize I had such an avid fan base ;-).  I am still waiting to get my bridal shower pictures from Saturday, so I will blog about that tomorrow.  But THANK YOU THANK YOU to Maren for all of her planning and hard work and to everyone that came.  I have the greatest friends!

Saturday morning I had an awesome chance to help out with the "Run to Walk 5k" that was organized as a fundraiser for "Now I Can."  What is Now I Can?  The Now I Can Foundation is a non-profit charity helping children with disabilities make strides toward independence through physical therapy.   This is the same kind of therapy my brother, Andrew, has done in Poland at the Euromed clinic.  You can read about Andrew and his success with this physical therapy treatment in this Deseret News story from 2005.  The other child featured in this article is Colby Christensen, the daughter of the founders of "Now I Can" in Provo.  Read it.   It's pretty awesome stuff.  I am absolutely blessed to be a small part of this Provo clinic.  Hopefully this summer affords even more time working with these kids.  These are some of the most incredible kids you will ever meet.

The 5k was WONDERFUL.  There was so much community support!  It was more than worth it to wake up for that.  I got to help at the finish line which was pretty exciting.  It was a good day.

I am grateful for people who are willing to take risks, challenge themselves, and change the world.  THAT is what life is about.   Thanks for a weekend of inspiration, Now I Can!

Reason 56: Muscles

Muscles are pretty cool.  The past two exercise physiology lectures we have been talking about muscles. It never ceases to amaze me how intricate, precise, and well-designed they are.  I really enjoy learning about the fiber types- Type I, Type IIa, and Type IIx.  Each person has a different amount of each of these fibers. A good portion of the determination is genetics, but these fibers are also highly effected by training.

Type I fibers are typically seen in endurance athletes because they are able to get oxygen to the muscle and prolong activity and continue to respond to stimulation for an action potential.

Type IIa fibers are known as intermediate fibers.  They have more of a power aspect and are seen in football players, weight lifters, and sprinters.

Type IIx fibers are fast twitch fibers and aren't overly common in humans.  These are seen in elite, world-class power athletes.

We watched this sweet video about a world champion sprinter from England.  He had a muscle biopsy done and was found to have a large amount of type IIx fibers.  Genetically endowed?  Yes.  Watch this video.  It's super cool and it is NOT dull and boring with big words.  Just very interesting.

BBC Making of Me- Colin Jackson

I am also grateful for muscles today because my Yoga/Zumba/Power Cardio endeavors have left intense pain in muscles I did not realize you could adequately work out.  And general soreness everywhere else.

This is the life :) So excited for my Bridal Shower tomorrow!  Thanks to Maren for all her hard work and to Jocelyn for assisting in the "grunt work" (that is a direct quote).  I don't know what I would do without such one-in-a-million friends!

Reason 55: Law and Order

Dang roommate.

I don't watch much TV.  I watch Parenthood, The Office, and the occasional Regis and Kelly or David Letterman.  But today, as I laid on the couch in severe pain from Zumba and Power Cardio, I watched a good chunk of the Law and Order marathon.  I was hooked!  Luckily I had planned to spend the day writing thank you cards and putting together a portfolio so I still got a lot done-- but that is besides the point!

The message tonight?  Don't let your roommates trick you into watching shows.  Ever.

This is TWICE Jocelyn has done this to me! First it was that one night last fall where we stayed up nearly ALL NIGHT watching Criminal Minds.  Now it is Law and Order SVU.  Really, Jocelyn?  Really?

It is a very good show.  I feel like I have learned a lot about law proceedings (hopefully the stuff in the show is all true).  And I had a relative productive day.  So it actually all turned out to be okay.

But be warned- roommates can be bad influences.  Haha.

Reason 54: Trying New Things- ZUMBA!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010.

I love to try new things.  The endeavor  of the day was Zumba!  I have heard about Zumba a lot lately and had no idea what it was.  So when I saw the class that was being taught at BYU, I decided to give it a shot.

It was love at first Latin aerobic dance move.  

Yeah it was pretty awesome.  I immediately was drenched in sweat from this insane workout- but the beauty of Zumba is that it is REALLY fun and doesn't feel like you are working out.  Heck- some of the exercises could be transitioned directly to the dance floor!  They turn on some upbeat, Latin style music and you do aerobics with more of a Latin dance feel- lots of hips, hops, and squats.  AMAZING.  

Find a Zumba class and try it.  Just once.  It looks like it's not for you... but it is.  Seriously.  

Reason 53: Yoga

Tuesday, May 4, 2010.

Today I started Yoga.  It was fantastic.  I even got a yoga mat at Target last night.  It's green and has a tree on it.  But my mat is besides the point.

When I walked into the room, I scouted out the nearest non-yoga-pants-wearing girls to go set up by.   Reasoning?  Then we can all look a little bit ridiculous and uncoordinated together.  I quickly made three friends (one of which is also getting married on June 19) and we dove into our new summer commitment together.  It was so much fun!  The teacher was really great and corrected our positions so we would get the maximum workout and experience possible.

My favorite pose?  The pigeon pose.  It was this fantastic IT Band/Gluteal stretch.  You were also able to really elongate your spine which felt so good.  The corpse pose was good stuff, also.  This is going to be a fantastic summer.  I can feel it in the air (and on the calendar- 45 days!).

Tomorrow night?  Zumba.

Reason 52: Naps

Monday, May 3, 2010.

Naps are so wonderful.  After a nearly sleepless weekend, I was extremely exhausted.  I was up late last night finishing Microbiology homework and up early to go to class. My 8:00 am- 10:00 am class (Orthopedic Impairments and Therapeutic Exercise) wasn't so bad.  I know most of the information from an athletic training class so it was just an enjoyable lecture.  But my 10:00 am- 12:00 pm class (Exercise Physiology) was brutal.  I had to remind myself to breathe and swallow I was so tired.  Everyone was dying.  That is just way too long for a very difficult class.

So what did I do when class finally ended?  I took a two hour nap.  And it was totally incredible.  The rest of my day was fantastic (even the 2 1/2 hour microbiology class was survivable)!  I credit the nap.  

Weird thing to be grateful for, huh?  But I am.  And to that- I credit my mother.  

Reason 51: Mountain Biking

Sunday, May 2, 2010.

So much for catching up.  It was never going to happen so we will just move on!  This weekend I went to St. George and surprised my siblings and fiance!  We had a superb spread of events.  Highlights include:

Surprising Hannah: She was at a baseball game with a friend when I found her.  She stared at me with this completely absent stare for probably ten seconds before her eyes got huge, the scream came ("SAAAAMMMMIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!"), and my favorite little shadow was attached to my leg for the rest of the weekend!

Toy Story: Friday night we had a little "sibling bonding time."  Hannah made us all snacks and we started our late night movie- the Blu Ray version of Toy Story.  Thanks to Aaron for this plan- it was so much fun!  Hannah and I fought sleep (both eventually losing), but it was great to be with all my favorite kids watching an old Disney classic.

Garlic Bread Pizza: Aaron loves garlic.  So we made a garlic bread pizza for lunch!  I introduced him to garlic salt (haha sorry mom!) and we went from there.  We also made a Crazy Cake, which might be one of my favorite desserts of all time. Hmm...

Mountain Biking: Saturday afternoon me, Hannah, Jason, Thomas, Luke, and James rode the Bearclaw Poppy Trail.  Poor little Hannah was a trooper on her one-speed bike as we did the big hill climb. And on the way down?  She was a daredevil.  I am relatively fearless when it comes to mountain biking, but I  had to literally fly down the mountain to keep up with Hannah.  I think her brakes were malfunctioning or else she really never touched them.  That was an incredible ride with her.

Chips, Salsa, and Swimming: Self-explanatory. I am absolutely in love with chips and salsa.

Ironman 2010:  Amazing.  Inspiring.  I seriously still have chills from watching this incredible display of athleticism.  2.3 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run.  HOLY CRAP.  I was nearly in tears at the finish line as I watched all this crazy and dedicated souls finish.  Jason and I had an amazing time watching the end of the Ironman.

Sunday: Sunday is general is just always a great day.  The kids and I played Boggle (my victory meant Aaron had to shower- good thing I won that game!) and went to church.  I also got to have dinner with Jason and his family.  I am just so blessed to have the most incredible family and family-in-law.

Fantastic weekend.  Thanks to Jake, Hannah, Aaron, Andrew, Mom, Pops, James, Denise, Luke, Thomas, Sarah and Pedro the Parakeet for an awesome weekend.