Reason 85: An Imminent Marriage

Friday, June 18, 2010.

Oh hey, guess what I'm doing this weekend?

Getting married.


I told this boy WAY back in March 2007 that I wanted to marry him.  And here we are.  It is so unreal I can hardly contain my excitement.  I am kind of in shock.  I love that kid more than you can believe.

AND to begin our wedding festivities, Jason was just offered a job working in a CANCER RESEARCH LAB at BYU!  He is working in the DNA group, specifically with the biochemical techniques.  I am so giddy and happy and excited for him... he deserves this.  Oh man... life is just so good!

My blogging will probably be non-existent for awhile.  Stay classy, everyone.

Reason 84: Minds

Wednesday, June 16, 2010.

I think I'm losing my mind.

Micro final.  Exercise Phys final.  Studying with Alysen.  Packing for the honeymoon.  Packing for St. George.  Packing for the wedding.

Yes- those are three separate packing adventures.

Cleaning.  Laundry.  Studying.  Dying.  Lists.  Planning.  Eating.  Exhausted.

Maybe I should resort to vodka...

Quiz in 8 hours, final in 9 hours. Still more studying to do.

Someday I am going to look back on this and laugh but for now- I think my mind is going into a college/wedding induced coma.

It's all so exciting though :)  I suggest college and weddings to any looking for an adventure.

Reason 83: Packing List

Monday, June 14, 2010.

Last night, Jason gave me my packing list for our mysterious honeymoon.   I will list it here and would appreciate any comments/ideas.  I know we are beginning in Las Vegas (going to The M Hotel after the reception- so cool!)  And we DO have somewhere to be on Sunday, although we don't have to leave until 10 or 11 am.  And he promised we aren't driving towards Northern Utah.  So... here it is.

Bathing suit and cover up
Bike Helmet
Flip flops
Hiking Shoes
Heavy Jacket
Super-fancy dress
Workout clothes

I have no real idea about the length of this excursion.  I do know that we are not getting on an airplane.  Haha I am SO excited I can hardly stand it- I have weighed options all day.  It's so distracting!  I can't believe I am getting married THIS WEEKEND... and how do I spend my last week?  Three finals.  Tomorrow- marathon study day with Jenny, then the Temple with Jake.  Finals start Wednesday.  Home Thursday.

Quote of the day from "and it's love" which is a fantastic blog with inspirational (and some non-inspirational) thoughts, quotes, pictures, and ideas.

"The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things."

Another favorite quote was from my good friend, Jenny.  As we sat in the MARB waiting for Microbiology to start and talking about our marathon study day, she whispered to herself "I can do hard things." Classic.  Simple.  My new mantra until Thursday at 11:00 am.

Reason 82: The Temple

Saturday, June 12, 2010.

Today I went through the St. George LDS Temple to receive my endowment.  It was incredible.  Definitely as life changing as I anticipated.

This is Jason and I afterwards.  I'm so glad I was able to go through with my very best friend in the world.   He is so wonderful and makes me happy beyond belief.  How did I get so lucky?

And here is my awesome family (old and new!).  It was so great for everyone that was able to come.  Also there (but not pictured) was Aunt Sylvia, Danae, Nate, and Skyler.  This small gathering of people made it a truly memorable and incredible day and I am grateful to each one of you for your attendance, support, and well-wishes.  

It is days like this where you just want to shout to the world that you KNOW the truth, you KNOW how to spend eternity with your family, and you feel more love and joy than you could have ever imagined.  I just look at the picture, see the smiles, and know the stories behind each on of them- and it brings me so much joy.  

Thanks to Great-Grandma Lena for trekking over to the temple to be there as well.  She will turn NINETY YEARS OLD in October, but still is able to support each one of us (my mother is her first grandchild of 37 grandkids, I am the sixth great-grandchild of 107ish great- grandkids and she also has two great-great-grandkids.  Talk about amazing!)

I want to write about each person there, but the late hour and filling day is causing my brain to shut off.  Life is so good.  SO GOOD. I am so lucky to have my family and to be marrying the most amazing man in the world.  One week from today we begin our journey... and I can't wait.

Reason 81: Governor Andrew Justvig

Friday, June 11, 2010.

Today Andrew was elected Governor of Utah Boys State!  It was SO fantastic!  With this election he gets to go to Washington D.C. as well as plan and host next years Boys State (acting as governor, of course!).  This is a very big honor- Boys State is presented by the American Legion and made possibly by many veterans and current military personnel.  This was the 75th year running!  I am really proud of Andrew for working so hard and for applying his knowledge about politics and history to run for Governor.  I think he's found his academic passion.  He got some VERY nice compliments today and it just reminds me that we have NO REASON to give up on our dreams, but we should let our current situation encourage us and act as a catapult to become our very best and achieve everything we can imagine.

Nothing. Is. Impossible.

Me and Andrew after he won!

Andrew, his Lieutenant Governor, and two of the counselors at Boys State

Jake, Me, Andrew, and Uncle Thomas!

Reason 80: Nothing-ness

Thursday, June 10, 2010.

Today was one of those days.  I had no motivation, no stress, and not one commitment today.  I got a little bit accomplished- but not much.  I'm not complaining- it was fantastic.  But I know that tomorrow it ALL changes.

At 8 am, Jason and I are leaving for Weber State.  Andrew is at Boys State right now and he was nominated Governor and voted Governor in the primary election.  So tonight was the big debate and tomorrow at 11 am, he finds out if he won.  The boy who is elected governor gets to accompany Senator Bishop to Washington DC for Boys Nation.  How cool is that?  It's either going to be Andrew or one other boy- I'm so proud of him for making it this far!  Everyone keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow.

After we get Andrew, we are heading to St. George.  Words cannot adequately describe how excited I am to be with my family.  The Egbert cousins also arrive tomorrow and it's been awhile since I've seen them- so that is also very exciting!

Saturday will be-- life changing.   I am going through the St. George Temple to take out my Endowments.  I am so, so excited.  And nervous.  And just so in awe of how close to God I feel right now.  It's truly a marvelous feeling.

I also really, really need to study.  A LOT.  Like- insane amounts.  I have three finals next week- two on Wednesday, one of Thursday.  Why did I sign up for 9.5 credits?  It's almost over though- I just need to seal it off with some good scores!  Only one grade seriously depends on the final (haha).  Life- it is so crazy.  And sometimes impossible to keep in perspective!

I love this Temple :)

Reason 79: Milk

Wednesday, June 9, 2010.

Yesterday we had a strange experience.  Jason stopped and bought milk for our random, craving-filled dinner (egg salad sandwiches, fresh fruit smoothies, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies).  As I started to put the milk away, I was shocked to find the date it expired.

June 19, 2010.

Wow.  (Or in the words of my cousin Linda Marie- "Holy. Cow.")  I even took a picture (Aunt Barbara's request!).

There is my milk.  The milk that expires the same day as my single life.  I've never been so excited for milk to expire :)

And to Aaron- I love you.  "Perhaps He knew, as I did not, that the Earth was made round so that we would not see too far down the road."  And as the road changes, be brave :)

Reason 78: The Blind Side

Monday, May 7, 2010.

Tonight I saw "The Blind Side" for the first time.  Wow.  My expectations were so low- how could they possibly make a movie that'd be any different than "Remember the Titans" or "We Are Marshall" or any of those feel-good football movies?

Well- they did it.  We laughed, we teared up, and we felt good.

My favorite character was the little dude, SJ.  He was stellar.  It was just a really good movie.  That is the next movie I would like to own.  It was a fantastic night :)

Reason 77: Lagoon!

Saturday, June 5, 2010.

Today we went to Lagoon!  It was SO GREAT!  We got there at about noon and were able to get a lot of rides done the first two hours before it got busy.

This is us.  We are pretty cool.  We were waiting in line for the Wild Mouse which happens to be pretty scary.  My favorite ride was definately "Wicked."  It was the first time I've been on in...totally sweet.  0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds, straight up, straight down, corkscrews, oh yeah. 

This is wicked.  So cool, huh?  We went twice in a row- even though Jason was white as a sheet and motion sick the rest of the day.  But it was seriously the coolest ride.  Thanks for the suggestion, Andrew :)


We had funnel cakes and pretzels, huge homeade sub sandwiches that we packed, and other yummy food. We also got  through a LOT of rides.  And we got fantastic tans.  What more could you want?


This is Andrew on the ferris wheel.  I passionately despise ferris wheels.  I don't like how they swing and sway, stop and start, and spin in circles.  But- the boys made me go.  And I was not happy.

That is me being angry.  But then the nice ferris wheel people let us off and everything was okay :)

Lagoon was awesome- thanks to Andrew and Jason for being so adventurous.  It was just an overall fantastic weekend.  

Reason 76: Humor U

Friday, June 4, 2010.

Friday was fantastic.  We started the evening by swimming in the newly-opened pool at our apartment complex!  That is seriously the greatest- I think I will spend a lot of the summer out there.  After the pool we came in and opened our KNIVES!  We got a very nice knives set from Jason's grandma, and decided it was time- married or not- to open them up!  They are so, so cool.  We even watched the Safety/Instructional DVD!  Then we started making tacos and Jason was in heaven as he easily sliced through everything with this beautiful knives.  They rock.

Taco's were a success.  After dinner we went to "Humor U" which is a stand-up comedy club on BYU campus.  It was so good!  I think Andrew and Jason really liked it as well.  It's nice to know it'll be 100% clean AND funny- most of the world probably doesn't think that's possible.  Just one reason why BYU is so awesome :)

Reason 75: Waffles!

Thursday, June 3, 2010.

Tonight we made waffles.  And they were delicious.  Waffles was just one good thing about today.  Others include sleeping until 9:45, getting all my homework done, lunch with Jason, a successful amount of replies to Jason's inquiry to do research in a BYU lab, Physiology lab five (of six) is complete, cleaned the apartment, then made these said waffles.  And they were a delicious day to cap off the day.

I also love three day weekends.  Especially when I turn them into 4-day weekends and return to Provo for a 2-day school week.  Hooray!

The wedding is only *SIXTEEN* days away.  Isn't that unreal?  I can't believe it's come so fast.  There are so many emotions- it's insane.  I am grateful for Jason and the life I am about to start with him.  I think life is too good to be true.  

As of right now, my mood is blissfully content.
373 hours and 37 minutes :)

Congrats to Bri and Jordan on their engagement!

Reason 74: Bridals

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On Monday we took our Bridal pictures are they turned out A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  I will be forever grateful for Jason's uncle, Spencer, for coming to St. George for these pictures.  I love, love, love them.  I don't think I am going to post a Facebook album until after the wedding, but I will post a few here.  I don't know how I will choose which few.... randomly, I guess?

There are a couple :) there are over 1200... so I am trying to sift through them.  It's difficult!