Reason 50: Boggle

Sunday, April 25, 2010.

Boggle is one of the greatest games ever created.  Ever since I was little, I would beg the adults to play with me and repeatedly get trashed by their large vocabularies.  But I still love it.  And on Saturday at my bridal shower my sweet little sister gave me a NEW and IMPROVED version of BOGGLE!

How cool is that?  We then opened it and spent the rest of my time at home playing.  We played probably 30 or 40 games.  And unlike my experience as a child, Hannah WINS.  She has this insane word bank in her head and can so easily pick out words.  She practices on the computer, plays alone, then challenges the next unsuspecting victim who usually gets trashed by this witty nine year old. 

Sister Cheney and Hannah

Thanks for the game, Hannah girl :)  I am so happy you are my Maid of Honor!  You are the best sister in the world :)

Reason 49: Bridal Shower!

Saturday, April 24, 2010.

I am so blessed.  Saturday was absolutely wonderful.  My almost-mother-in-law and my almost-sister-in-law threw me an AWESOME bridal shower at their home!  Complete with a chocolate fountain, strawberries, lemon poppy seed muffins, family, friends, ward members, and relatives- it was an all-around good time.  I am so grateful for the INCREDIBLE gifts I received!  I did not expect such a large amount of really nice, needed items.  I feel more and more ready each day to start a "home" (even if it is in a 100 year old apartment!) and take care of a husband (crazy!).  So thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It was wonderful to catch up with everyone, visit, laugh, and join in the general shock we all felt as we realized that the wedding is SO CLOSE!

Me and my mom walking in.  Look at all the Sunflowers!

The glorious, and well decorated, spread of food!

Me, Denise, and Grandma Kathy.  This TOTALLY describes our relationship(s). Haha.

On the left we have my one-in-a-million grandma.  She is so cool.  
In the middle is Aunt Rebecca.  She is the most kind, faithful, loving, and genuine person I know.
On the right is Aunt Pat.  She is witty, gracious, and SO hysterical! (#5? Haha!)

Cousins Jenny, Cindy, and Bonnie!  

A super cute card from Poppa John.  

From the left: Aunt Sylvia, Doris Croshaw, Grandma Jean, Amanda

My bouquet that can supposedly predict that a very future child will be of the male gender.
And a twin.
Good one, Aunt Rebecca.

Jason got his Lego set!  Thanks Grandma Kathy!
And sorry Maren, guess you'll have to figure something else out! ;-)

Thanks to all those who planned, baked, assembled, babysat, came, sent gifts, sent wishes, etc.  The love and support we feel means the world to us.  Life is seriously SO GOOD.

Reason 48: Community Arts Center

Friday, April 23, 2010.

Today me, my mom, and Grandma Linda went to the St. George Community Arts Center where our wedding reception will be held!  It is a gorgeous building, especially the top floor where the reception will be.  We tried to envision the layout of the reception.. basically, I know it will be amazing because my mom and grandma are SO, SO good at this stuff!  They have incredible ideas and have just made everything work out perfectly thus far.  It was quite an adventure to go with them!  

The Outside of the building.

Mom and Gran playing with the beautiful iridescent ribbon

The Loft

The main area 

The reception line. (Haha!)

Have I mentioned that planning a wedding is SO much fun?  

Reason 47: Engagement Pictures!

Thursday, April 22, 2010.

Taking engagement pictures was so, so, so much fun.  We went down to Las Vegas and met up with Jason's uncle who is a photographer down there.  It was epic.  We drove out in the Las Vegas desert, did some urban shots on the side of the road, and went downtown to Fremont.  We haven't gotten all the pictures yet, but here are a couple that he posted on Facebook.  Love. Them.

Epic.  It was raining on and off that day so we had some SWEET clouds.
We look good as silhouettes :-)

So cool, huh?  My calves were burning by this point.

Here is a little creative artistic-ness for you.  Very awesome.
I love this- like we don't know he is there taking a picture.

In a tube.
On the side of the road. 
In the pouring rain.  

I love this picture.

Oh yes.  The broken down motor home that smelled like weed.
It took convincing to get me in there but here we are.  
We should label this picture
"Our First Home!"

Fremont Boulevard- Las Vegas Nevada.  
Pretty sweet angle.  
The cowboy can be in honor of Toy Story 3 coming to theaters on June 18! 
(That's the day before our wedding.  Party?  Heck. Yes.)

The Look.  Priceless.  Honest.  Haha.

Haha.  I had a hard time holding still.  I think I have ADHD.

I love this picture SO MUCH.

We were trying to mountain bike up this hill but it's hard to start going uphill with no speed!

I will post more pictures when I get them, but here are some of them!  So cool, huh?  We didn't want typical engagement pictures- how often do you get cool shots like this?  We love them.  Thanks Spencer!  You are extremely talented.  Oh yeah- and thanks for putting up with my extreme fidgeting and weird faces.  At least Jason kept the same smile for all 613 pictures!

Reason 46: Choir Concerts

Wednesday, April 21, 2010.

Today was Hannah's choir concert and it was marvelous!  They sang an Armed Forces Salute, Cheeseburgers and Flies, as well as many other songs.  Hannah was too cute at she sang her heart out.  Thanks for inviting us Hannah!

Me, Hannah, and Jason before the concert.

Hannah singing (She is the one in the yellow shirt
and flag hat- you can't miss her.)

Hannah and her cute friends.

Reason 45: St. George

April 20, 2010- Tuesday

I am going to begin including dates so I know when I get behind.  Like right now.  I have had the most insane, fast-paced week.  But over today and tomorrow I hope to catch up because lots of great things have happened :-)

So what about April 20?  It was a warm day in Provo.  I was unnaturally giddy as I attempted to study for my Rehabilitation of Orthopaedic Injuries final.  I did more packing than studying because I knew it would greatly benefit me later to be mostly packed.  FINALLY, 2:30 pm came and I was able to go take my final.  Everyone was excited- it took us all awhile to calm down enough to take the test.  I have never seen a group of people complete a 77 question test so fast before.  I was problem the 10th person done (out of 21) and it only took me 45 minutes.  Such is life.  Soon enough, Maren and I were on the rode to our favorite city in the world.  And so the wedding planning took off and has not stopped since. This includes engagement pictures, a bridal shower, visits to the reception site, choosing tuxes, flowers, searching the dollar store and Walmart for reception elements, visiting the scrapbook store, and organizing EVERYTHING.

Life is so good :)

Reason 44: Wish Balloons

Today me and my roommates did the coolest thing.

We wrote our wishes on balloons and released them in a ceremonial/tribal roommate bonding experience.

Thanks to Valerie for the idea- this was really fun.  We also ate dinner at the diner across the street that we always wanted to try but never did.  I just really can't believe this is the last night we are all together.  It amazes me how fast time goes.  Once again, I find myself slightly melancholy at the realization that sophomore year is over- and with it ends my awesome year with my roommates.  Sigh.  Even when we acknowledge the speediness at which life moves, it still continues to roll forth at a surprising pace.  And, as always, you can never get the moment back- you can only create new ones.

On a lighter note- here are some pictures from our adventure :)

Joe, Hanna, Maren, Jocelyn, and Skyler.  My balloon is the pink one.

Me and Maren.  It'll be weird to not live with her anymore.
I can't believe all the crazy stuff we've done together from sixth grade until now.
True friendship really does last.  

Our wish balloons rising into the sky :)

Watching the balloons

Brownstone #4.  We are so cute :)

One more final.  Drive home.  Incredible week planned.  Life is good, eh?  

And in case you were wondering, oh loyal and large fan base, I will tell you my wish.  

"To Live Happily Ever After...."

And guess what?   Two months from today I am sealed to my best friend and the greatest man in the world.  Gosh, life is good.

Reason 43: Touch Football

Today me and my roommates and our friend Skyler went to Timpanogos Park in Provo Canyon.  Our point was to study, sleep, and enjoy the sun.  As were were laying there, a boy who was probably ten years old came over and started talking to us.  His frisbee was stuck in the tree.  Being the excuse-to-not-study-searching-students that we are, we quickly devised a plan to get his frisbee down.  And we then continued to devise plans B, C, D, E, F, and G due to the logistical problems from this endeavor.
This is plan "A" which included Maren trying to lift Kaden high enough to reach the frisbee, Skyler acting as an observer, and the dog freaking out.
In exhibit "B" we have me and Skyler acting as footholds for Jocelyn while Maren spots and Hanna photographs.  And our new little friend Kaden looks excitedly on while his dumb dog legitimately tried to kill us by wrapping around our ankles with his leash.

Plan "G" was finally successful when a random, tree-climbing fellow came and climbed this sketchy tree.  As soon as Kaden had his frisbee he wanted to play touch football.  WHAT?!  But we did.  Team Skyler, Joccels, and Kaden vs. Hanna, Maren, and Sam.  And little Kaden trashed us all with his quick cutting skills. Our old age (and bare feet and cut off shorts) was just too much to pull it out.  
This was a cute picture of Hanna so here it is posted.  Hanna- this shout out is for you.  "Hey girl-HOLLA!  Ah-ha."  Bahaha.  Oh man.  I am going to miss my rommmates an awful lot.  College is too good to me.
And I thought this picture was funny.  She was freaking out.  Kind of like she is about her birthday surprise this week!  

Adventures are good.  Trips up Provo Canyon to "study" are good.  Roommates are good.  Love is good.  Touch football is good.  And life is good.

Reason 42: Because it is.

Reason number 42 why life is good?  
Because it just is. 
I got to hang out with Andrew at State Drama

He got STRAIGHT SUPERIORS for his dramatic monologue!
He did a monologue from the play
"The Boys Next Door" by Tom Griffin.
He did a very moving, incredible part as the character Lucien P. Smith.
I watched it three times and was more blown away with each performance.
Thanks bro.  You made my day.  Your talent amazes me.

Finals End: 39 Hours
On the road to St. Geezy: 42 Hours
Engagement Pictures: 5 Days
Bridal Shower #1: 7 Days
Move into the Married Apartment: 10 Days
Bridal Shower #2: 21 Days
Jason Moves To Provo: 28 Days
Bridal Pictures: 42 Days
Endowment: 55 Days
Sealed to Jake Forever: 62 Days 

Life is good because it is.  

Reason 41: The end of Physics 105

Physics 105 is officially over.

And there was much rejoicing in the land.

No more balls falling from buildings, oscillations, projectile motion, thermodynamics, hours of assignments, ill-worded conceptual tests, or iClicker quizzes.  Although, I will miss Ralph (he was the imaginary student that would ask Brother Stokes stupid questions).  Life is good.

Today was relatively productive.  I got up early to study, took my physics test, then spent the rest of the afternoon alternating between studying for anatomy and planning my wedding.  And now- at 10:00 pm on a Friday night- I think I will go to bed.  Andrew is competing in state drama tomorrow morning so I am getting up early to drive to Nephi and watch.  I am so excited :) Speaking of Andrew- here is a cute picture of him from yesterdays assembly. He dressed as Mama Odie from The Princess and the Frog.

Physics is over.  Life is good.  Hallelujah, hallelujah.

Reason 40: Effective Reading Days

Whoever came up with the idea of Reading Days is BRILLIANT.  And the good soul who petitioned the University to give us TWO mid-week reading days?  May you be eternally blessed.  Today, me and two of my roommates had an extremely effective reading day.

It started out with enjoying the sunshine.  We drove up Provo Canyon to this awesome park, spread out two blankets, and they fell asleep.

Here we have some photographic evidence and a model on how to study effectively- or how to effectively work on your tan.  
It was fabulous. We are all a little burned tonight but such is life.  Here is my awesome self portrait...
Look- I'm SQUINTING!  The SUN is out!  Hooray life

After we decided we were getting overheated, we headed to the mall.  I was in search of a new outfit- hopefully something to wear for engagement pictures (which are next Thursday in Las Vegas).  SUCCESS!  EPIC SUCCESS!  $20 Jeans (my favorite brand, actually) plus a shirt, short sleeve cardigan, necklace, and headbands.  Thanks to Jocelyn and Hanna for their enthusiasm and their help in assembling this glorious ensemble (okay, okay so we cheated off a mannequin-  so what?)
Floral Open Cardigan - maurices.comCasual Colorful Long Necklace - maurices.comRib Side Panel Henley with Pocket - maurices.com
Cute necklace.  And SUPER cute sweater.  We were kind of freaking out in the store.  And the shirt to go underneath it.  Tee hee :) So excited.  

So today was an extremely productive reading day.  Thanks to BYU for the break and I am officially ready to kick physics butt tomorrow.


Reason 39: Mount Timpanogos

Random, I know.

 Mt. Timpanogos from BYU

Here is my daily view of Mount Timpanogos (Photo compliments of Dana Jensen/Google Earth)

Tuesday was a rainy day and I found myself paying close attention to Mount Timpanogos.  I think I commented to Jason every hour or so how beautiful it looked.  Sometimes it is COMPLETELY white, other times the white snow contrasts the deep blue sky, and other times there are rain clouds covering all or part of the mountain.  

I think I love this mountain.  It does not fail to take my breath away every single day.  It is my own personal weather channel and a source of inspiration and admiration for this beautiful earth that God created for us. 

Slow down, look around.  It took me nearly two years to realize how attached I am to this mountain.

Reason 38: Fulfilling Days

Monday was a fantastic day.  This will require a list to adequately describe what occurred to make this day so good.

1- Jason was here.  Win.
2- I got my take home final essays done for Upper Extremities.
3- The discussion in rehab about facets of the lumbar spine being stuck open or stuck closed was really great.
4- We finished our wedding registry at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond!
5- We finally found a set of dishes that we are in love with at Target.  They are blue and the plates are school.  Can I just tell you how excited I am?  Weird reason, I know.  Such is life.
6- We also found silverware that we love, love, love at BB&B.  And believe me, we thoroughly tested the silverware.
7- We also found a bedding set at BB&B!  It is chocolate brown and B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!
8- We split a Cafe Rio burrito for lunch. YUM.
9- I had the best day at UVU.  Seriously.  It was doc day so my ACI was busy with the doctors and sick/recently injured athletes.  The other athletic trainer was at the baseball stadium.  The other students were gone.  So basically-  I was in charge of the training room.  And even better?  I was confident and got a lot done.  And gave about a million treatments.
10- I got my back worked on.  And it felt so good.
11- We had a yummy dinner.
12- I took my Athletic Training Clinical Education practical final.  It went really well.
13- We made poppyseed cake and experimented with frostings.
14- I thoroughly studied for my Upper Extremities test and I think it was successful.

Monday was a good day.

Reason 37: Surprises!

Today at approximately 3:15 pm I was minding my own business, just eating a no-bake cookie, when there was a knock on the door.

I quickly made some sort of eye-rolling comment about how our Sunday visitors are ENDLESS. 

Then the door opened and it was Jake!  I was in shock.  I am pretty sure my jaw literally dropped.  That was the very best thing that could've knocked on the door!  I spent the next few minutes in a surprised, dream-like stupor.  His mere presence gave me the peace to know that I would successfully conquer this finals week as I have all others.  After he arrived, we went with Hanna, Joe Joe, and Jocelyn up to a park in Provo Canyon to enjoy the tolerable weather while we studied.  Then to Jay and Britt's for the rest of the night for some yummy food.  The next two days should pretty much rock as well...

Monday: Class, finish our Wedding Registry, UVU, mountain biking, jeans shopping, clinical final, and experiment on the kind of frosting we want on our lemon poppy seed wedding cake (some of it will also be chocolate).  

Tuesday: Test, wedding stuff, chiropractor (the right side of my pelvis is posteriorly rotated and they are going to hopefully realign in), UVU, maybe class (haha), and the Athletic Training banquet!  

Suddenly these next two days turned into fantastic beings of my existence.  I love planning a wedding.  I love mountain biking.  I love working on the wedding registry.  I love Athletic Training.  I love Jake.  And I LOVE surprises!  

On a side note- Happy Birthday, Maren!  May your 20th year of existence bring you untold joy and laughter.  

Reason 36: The calm before the storm

Today was possibly the last day of calm before a nine day storm.  This storm has a name.  It is called (cue scary music)--- finals week.  I will probably take tomorrow off too- but we are thinking about the best possible scenario here. That should include endless studying and focus.

I cannot believe they are already here.  Do you want to know what happened to me the last day of classes of Fall semester?  I found out Jason might be coming home.  First day of finals?  It was solidified.  Second day of finals?  His flight was booked and I had 48 hours to finish all my tests and get home if I wanted to meet him.  THAT was a crazy finals week.  This time?  Not so much.  Three tests down, five more to go.  Maybe I shouldn't count it like that.  I feel less in control when I see those numbers!

Anyways- the calm before the storm day was beautiful.  And now- at 10 pm on a Saturday night- I think I will go to bed.  Oh the life of a long distance engagement :)

Reason 35: Experience.

Tonight, I am a bit melancholy.

It's a strange thing for me really- to be attached to something so repetitive. I like change and spontaneity and unpredictability... but only to a certain extent.  I also get really comfortable in monotony and have a hard to leaving it.  So the end of the semester is hitting me kind of funny.

I have been extremely lucky.  I found the perfect program at BYU- the Athletic Training program.  Four semesters of long hours and extremely specialized classes.  I honestly cannot believe we are already half way done.  I have made some extraordinary friends and had some really cool classes.  Best of all, I am three for three on outstanding clinical assignments.  And I am planning on making it four of four in the fall.

My first assignment at American Fork High School was the best confidence builder I could have asked for.  As a brand new student I was thrown into the world of acute injuries, emergency care, and fast ankle taping.

My next assignment was with BYU Men's Rugby.  This was more laid back since it was off-season, but a great opportunity to learn how to rehab post-op athletes.  I also made some great friends and found my own little corner of culture shock at BYU.

Now, I am (sadly) finishing up with Utah Valley University Track and Cross Country.  It was a hard assignment at first- a fifty minute round trip drive, long hours (20-25 a week), we weren't allowed to wear BYU gear, a huge team, mostly overuse injuries-- I thought I was going to die.  But alas, here we are.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for this assignment.  First reason?  The athletes.  They were so great.  Humble, kind, friendly, and talented.  I support UVU Track (sorry BYU).  Second reason?  My ACI.  He was so great.  My fiance just asked what the best thing I learned from Spencer was.  I would say, without question, the way he dealt with his athletes.  That is a BIG team, but he still took time to develop relationships, show genuine care and concern, and work as a mentor- not just an athletic trainer.  So many people sought him out for help with problems other than injuries.  He just really, really cares.  That is a big part of this profession- and often overlooked.

I am grateful for my experience at UVU and as a student athletic trainer.  It's amazing to be a part of something bigger than yourself- to see someone regain ability and confidence following injury because YOU helped them achieve that.   UVU has, by far, been my most rewarding experience as a student athletic trainer.  I can't wait to see what the future holds.

BYU Football- here I come.

"I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle-victorious." - Vince Lombardi

Reason 34: Achievements!

Hannah got 3rd place in the science fair today!  She built a model of the arm with Bendaroos, taking special care to construct the biceps brachii.  She used a hair elastic to demonstrate what a muscle contraction does and how it flexes the forearm.  This little girl is seriously brilliant.  I was teaching her about the arms and some basic terms and she was writing it all down in her notebook.  She made the arm totally by herself, as well as her board.  My mom said her presentation was absolutely stellar.  She spent all week learning about the muscles and how they work and ROCKED IT!  I am so proud of her :)
Also, Aaron got 1st place in the science fair!  With him, we used a great idea from my roommate Maren to extract DNA from different fruits.  He had just learned about DNA in his class, so he totally understood what we were trying to find.  We used strawberries, tomatoes, and grapes and observed the DNA.  It was a really cool idea and very original- hence he won!  Aaron is a smart dude- he is one of those quiet, brilliant types.  He gets to compete at District later this month!
Congrats to my two favorite elementary school kids in the whole world :).  Your scientific abilities make me proud.   Your next task- cure burnout.  Love you guys!