Reason 104: Our Apartment :)

Monday, August 30, 2010.

We finally got all moved in before school started!  We found some awesome bookshelves, tv stand, side tables, and a dresser at Target as well as the perfect table at KMart.  Jake's dad also brought us a couch and our love sac!  We found a cover for the couch and reorganized the living room to the best of our abilities- but the love sac still seems to eat the room.  But you know what?   It's so comfortable and perfect that we don't even care!  Here are some pictures of our current casa.

We love it :) We also got REALLY organized so our NEXT move at the end of January should be a piece of cake.  Living the life!!


Photo Crazy! said...

Looks like life is really good! I am remembering when we were newlyweds 16 years ago!

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