Reason 121: Costco and such

Thursday, February 3, 2011.

I love productivity.  And Costco.  AND Macey's.  After classes and volleyball I went grocery shopping at both stores.  Doesn't Costco have the most delicious samples?  I need to go more often.  I also got some gelato and Costco... so good!  Tonight was devoted to cleaning.. I hate going into the weekend with a messy apartment.  Lots of laundry, dishes, cleaning, organizing, reorganizing, etc.  I also attempted to make Jason's favorite meal and it turned out to be an epic success!  It's called "Special Wrapped Chicken."  You take chicken breasts, wrap them in bacon, and sprinkle rosemary on them.  You bake them on 350 degrees for one hour.  Pull them out, drain the fat off, and add a mixture of cream of mushroom soup and one cup of sour cream.   Then you bake again from 30 minutes.  Way easy, right?  I guess I couldn't really fail at this one... but I'm still proud!

Tomorrow night is BYU MEN'S VOLLEYBALL!  Everyone needs to be there... this is a big deal!  BYU is ranked #3 and UCLA is ranked #4- can you say crazy?  Go to this facebook page (BYU Men's Volleyball) and you can get a FREE voucher for the game.  7 pm tomorrow and Saturday night.  Be there. It will seriously be awesome.  And for those of you blog readers outside the greater Provo area, you can watch all home games LIVE on BYU-TV!  Woot!


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