Reason 125: State Drama and a Perfect Monday

Monday, April 18, 2011.

This has definately been a great couple of days.  On Saturday, I drove to Nephi to watch Andrew compete at State Drama.  This kid is SUCH a good actor.  He did a scene from the movie, "On the Waterfront."   He did a monologue that was performed by the great Marlon Brando. I will try to get the video up tomorrow, but for now here are a few pictures.

That is Andrew and Heather with their medals that they were awarded for receiving straight superior ratings from all 3 judges.  AND Heather was voted best female actress.  Way cool!

Yesterday was our last day in the Glenwood singles ward.  Kind of sad, but we are really excited to be in a family ward.  We had a really great calling in this singles ward as the Dating and Courtship sunday school teachers.  We taught the lessons out of the Family Relations manual.  It was so awesome!  We learned a LOT and had some really great discussions with our classes.  We taught the class during fall semester and we were asked to teach it again this semester.  That made us feel good about ourselves-- haha :)

And finally I had a nearly perfect Monday.  I took my Marriage and Family final at 8 am- it was 25 minutes of regurgitation (haha).  I walked over to the testing center and went right in to take my American Literature final.  This took only 17 minutes.  And I even reviewed all of my answers twice.  Score?  96%!  I only missed one.  That means I got my very first compliment on a final exam from the testing center... NOT an easy feat here at BYU.  

After finals I studied for chemistry, talked to my Grad school advisor about classes and my thesis, and got to come home with Jason around noon.  Pizza, movie, long nap with the rain pounding on the windows, two mile run in the rain, and totally unpacked our second bedroom.  

Only three finals left- technical communication (she told us we'd be wasting our time if we studied), Capstone, and chemistry.  StG in T- 5 days.  


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