Reason 109: The end in sight

December 13, 2010.

Blogging fail.  It was bound to happen this semester.  But now that this semester is less than 24 hours from an official close, we will reinitiate the commitment to blogging!  I know my sister will be very pleased by this :).  So, some exciting tidbits to tide you over until the intense blogging begins...

1. BYU Football rocks.
2. Leaving Wednesday morning with said BYU Football team for New Mexico!  Woot!  Par-tay!
3. I have eight finals and I am over half done!
4. I get to go to St. George in 6 days and stay for like... a bajillion days!
5.  One of my best friends of all time is engaged!  YAY KELSI!
6. I get to work with the BYU Men's volleyball team next semester!
7.  I am going to start working as an intramural ref again :)
8.  My husband is going to cure cancer (and we are going to retire very young and very, very wealthy)
9.  It's almost CHRISTMAS!
10.  I have the greatest life :)

Okay.  Are you way stoked about all this?  I am.

And now... to study for Judaism.  Kiddush, havadalah, HUPPAH!


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