Reason 110: And here we go again.

Sunday, January 9, 2011.

That was quick.  The holiday's have come and gone again.  A bit depressing, eh?  But now we are closer to the sunshine and summertime!

A quick rundown....

Fall semester was spent mostly in the Football Athletic Training room in the Student Athlete Building on Brigham Young University campus in Provo, Utah.   Every day from 1 pm to approximately 8 pm as well as all home games and most away games.  It was a rather large time commitment- but it was pretty amazing.  I was selected to go to the bowl game which was SO awesome!  Here are some pictures and a link to my Facebook album...

Flat billed New Mexico Bowl hats and gangsta trainers

Hooray New Mexico!

On the field

Me and Mary (and Kelts in spirit)

Chelts, Aly, Me, and Mary before the game

Okay.  Then it was back to Provo and HOME to St. George!

That was a compilation of Christmas Eve, Christmas, Christmas break, and New Year's Eve.  ( And I realize that the Burton's don't take any pictures- ever.  But we did have Christmas with them, too!)  So much family- it was SO WONDERFUL!  We got to see Gran, Pops, Thomas, Sara, Greg, Sylvia, Paul, Ashly, Ali, Amanda, Jared, Dana, Justin, Josh, Joey, Julia, Jasmine... so awesome.  This big picture above is at midnight on New Year's Eve.  We went outside and we were banging pots and pans on the golf course and we were screaming.  Haha.  We also had my 21st birthday party that night!  Woot!

Here are some pics from my actual birthday...

Yep!  That is an un-labeled, pictorial rundown.  One more picture.  I got back to BYU and they had printed the poster to hang in the SAB about the bowl game.  I am so totally in the poster.  Can you spot me?  (Hint- grey sweatshirt)


Now I am going to go watch the rest of Despicable Me with my amazing husband. 


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