Reason 149: Halloween!

October 31, 2011.

Posted late.  Don't be alarmed- this is truly a post about Halloween.

I spent all of college HATING Halloween.  Like- volunteering to work because I wanted to be away from it.  In my opinion it was an excuse for girls to dress like skanks and college students to throw crazy parties. Dumb, right?  I didn't realize how much kids make the holiday awesome.

But this year we live in a REAL neighborhood and attend a FAMILY ward!  So Halloween definitely returned to its awesomeness.

The day before, I made Jason carve pumpkins with me. 
His?  The beach and a hammock.
Mine?  The Grim Reaper of the Packers.  Systematically destroying all other NFL teams.

For Halloween, Jason dressed up as Indiana Jones.
Sexy, huh?  
Thanks to the Fellow's for letting us borrow the sweet hat!

My little Hannah love was a hippie.
Looking good, sister.
Do your earlobes hurt after wearing those earrings?

Aaron was an old man.
But also kinda looks like Charlie Chaplain.

Aaron and Hannah were in St. George, but I had to share their adorable pictures.
Jason sat outside (it was a beautiful night) with the Indiana Jones theme song playing as he handed out candy.
I was cooking homemade pizza and almond poppyseed cupcakes.
I love that kid.  He is so awesome to get in the spirit.

Cheers to Halloween only getting better from here on out!


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