Reason 152: National Championships

Saturday, November 19, 2011

This is where I am right now.  Congrats to the BYU Men's and Women's teams for qualifying for the National Championship!  We knew the men were coming, they automatically qualified by taking 1st place at the Mountain Region race.  The women, however, got pushed in by criteria points and all these other complicated things.  Regardless- here we are in Terre Haute!

To see the preview for the race, go here:

Getting here was kind of brutal.  Meet at BYU at 5 am, drive to SLC, fly to Denver, 2 hour layover, fly to Indy, LOOOONG drive to Terre Haute (road construction).  Thus the night ended in a severe migraine while trying to eat dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Speaking of, our normal schedule of event on Cross Country trips is:

It is amazing how *little* time it seems like you have in a day when you sleep until 11 am.  Today for lunch we went to Grand Traverse Pie Company.  Yum.  Mediterranean (sp?) sandwich and some blackberry peach cobbler.  Then tonight we had the banquet with all of the schools.  Frank Shorter, the 1972 Olympic gold medalist in the marathon, was our speaker tonight.  So cool.  I wish I could still run as much as I did my sophomore year of college. 

Tomorrow?  Nike tent, church, fireside, homework.  It is so hard to do homework when we travel.


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