Reason 96: Honeymoon Day 5

Wednesday, June 23,  2010.

Today we were guests in the city of Mazatlan, Mexico.  We were greeted at the dock by a solider who was holding an AK-47. That describes much of Mazatlan.  For some reason, this town (at least the cruise ship port, I've heard otherwise about the resort side of the city) felt a need to secure the tourists in a small area complete with soldiers, big guns, high walls, and barbed wire.  They brought authentic Mexican food (extremely yummy nachos) and a market of souvenirs within this wall to encourage us to stay.

But alas, we did not.  Neither did anyone else.  And we were quite glad that we didn't because Mazatlan was VERY cool and VERY beautiful.  I guess they just don't want American's wandering around, doing stupid stuff!

This is us in the taxi.  

Might I add, it was blistering hot and humid.  Very unlike our other two ports.  We hired a taxi which seemed to be like a golf cart on steroids.  Seriously. 

Our taxi.  Way cool.

Alto.  I love this.

Our destination?  The professional cliff divers.  They were so awesome.  They jumped off a really high cliff into some shallow, rock-filled water.  I was one of those tourists sitting on the side, gasping with each jump.  I was also so mesmerized I didn't take many pictures.  

Yeah- that is the jump.  Woah.  

The other side of the platform. 

The ocean.  It was beautiful.

And the city and beach behind us.  

Senor Frog!

That night was a lot of fun.  We, of course, had an extremely tasty dinner. Then we went to the "Love and Marriage Game Show."  They asked for a honeymoon couple and we TOTALLY should have done it but we didn't want all the attention!  There were 39 honeymoon couples on our ship.  The game show was absolutely hysterical!  As soon as it was over we raced to the top deck to the midnight buffet!  You'd think we were starving to death.  It was MARVELOUS.  Everything you could ever want.  And lots of cute carvings, too.

At the game show

Our towel bat!
Mazatlan was very cool.  Much different and a little nerve-wracking, but definately unique.  


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