Reason 102: Rise and Shout

Tuesday, August 17, 2010.

Today was- to date- my favorite moment of football.  Practice was called a bit early and we met with the team in the center of the field.  Apparently, all the players are required to know the fight song and all the freshmen and transfers were asked to pass it off today.   And if they didn't know it?  They'd have to sprint 200 yards (haha).

So, they tentatively began.  There was one or two guys of the twenty that could actually carry a tune so it sounded pretty bad, but they did know the words.  Everyone got real excited and started clapping and cheering.  Soon the whole team joined in on the chorus.  They weren't just standing there singing- they were WAY into it!  They were dancing around, clapping, cheering- oh baby. I love football.

It gave me chills.  GO COUGS.

See you soon, Washington.


Val said...

Reason 103: Homemade Pizza night with the best dang company you've ever had. Hey it was super good to see you and your hubby this weekend. Thanks for the get together. I just a had an epiphany: You, Jason, St. George, making pizzelles for me... Wow. That's such a good idea. Much love, dear.

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