Reason 97: Honeymoon Day 6 Part 1

Thursday, June 24, 2010.

Today.  Was.  Fantastic.

We did this incredible tour to the jungles of Puerto Vallarta.  The tour description said it better than me... so here it goes!

"The adventure begins with a panga boat ride and off road adventure to the heart of the tropical forests where you will ride mules, learn a variety of wilderness techniques, splash through streams, rappel through waterfalls into natural river pools, and soar 200 ft above the ground over the jungle foliage on a 1000 ft zip line! Our trip leaders' knowledge of the landscape and wildlife makes these trips unforgettable adventures - and their expertise ensures a fun, educational and safe trip into the wilderness. Discover and explore the extraordinary flora and fauna hidden away under the canopy of the jungle!"

A professional photographer followed us around and took pictures.  Here are the pictures :)

The jungles we drove up to 

Our sweet trucks we rode up in.
Although at the time, we thought we were gonna die.
Oh. My. Bumpy. Freaking. Ride.
Crazy drivers!

Jason riding the mule up the mountain.

Myself riding the mule up the mountain.
(We are both in blue shirts- sorry.  Bad wardrobe choice for pics)

That smile?
Plastered on.
The guides would make the mules trot up the SUPER STEEP goat trail.
I felt as though I was close to death.
NOT my favorite part.
But in retrospect- it was pretty sweet to ride a mule to the top of the mountain in the Mexican Jungle!

Jason on the first zipline.  He was a pro.

This is me again.  I loved this so much.
To fly through the air over unspoiled jungles with splendid views really took your breath away.
And you could get going through the air REALLY fast.
God is very good to give us such a beautiful, diverse world.

Jason rappelling down the waterfall.
How cool is that?

So pretty.  So different than anything we've done before.

The water was the most clean water I have ever been in.
It was a warm, humid day and the cool water was welcome.

Me on the free fall rappel.
At the end of this one, they would drop you into the water.
True story.

Right before they dropped an unknowing Jason into the water.

Okay, okay.
So they got me, too.

But it felt so good.
This is the best adventure ever.

The last rappel was a race.
I am on the left.
Jake on the right.
Look at that view!

Jason won.  

We also got to walk over tightrope bridges, hike through the rattlesnake infested jungle, and see frogs and other wildlife.  So. Amazing.  Thanks to Jake for amazing cruise and adventure :) Love you forever.


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