Reason 113: The tale of the Missing Laundry

January 14, 2011.

Last Saturday, we joined the rest of our complex in doing laundry in the Cambridge Court Laundry Room. We ended up needing four washers because we literally washed EVERYTHING- you know, one of those days.  We put the laundry in and left for a couple errands.  This took longer than anticipated and I was worried because we were late picking up laundry on such a busy day.  When we did get there, two of our washers had our wet clothes sitting on top (kind of weird knowing someone else touched your clothes- but I guess I would've done the same thing if there was such a demand for a washer).  So, I put all the clothes in the dryer and later return to pick all of the laundry up.

Over the next few days, I began to notice that pieces of laundry were missing.  First, it was my BYU Football Game day polo.  Then it was my Nike Golf Pants.  Then my under armour shirt.  Then my white BYU shorts and a white Sports Medicine tshirt.  Basically- I had lost everything I took to the bowl game. I was totally baffled.  Either:

A) Someone strategically combed through four loads of laundry to find EXACTLY what I wore the last two days of the New Mexico Bowl.
B) They had fallen out of the hamper and were somewhere in the closet.
C) I had taken them home to St. George and just- lost them all there.
D) I lost my mind and those clothes never existed.

The final straw was when, after only five days, I ran out of G's. I knew that THAT wasn't possible.  Who'd steal those?  It was all too weird.  I was just going to (sob) move on from all of my lost apparel.

I took the GRE today and got home to my wonderful husband who had all the laundry done, dinner was cooking, and the apartment was clean.  And lo and behold, my polo and pants and all of the other clothes were hanging nicely on the rack.

I had left them in the washer last week.  So the most correct answer is "D"- I have lost my mind (although, thankfully, my clothes still exist).


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