Reason 117: Weddings :)

Monday, January 24, 2011,

What a great weekend.  Kelsi and Emil got married and the whole thing was WONDERFUL! 
We were honored at the chance to attend the sealing...
That's really all the words that can be said when you watch your best friend get sealed to an awesome guy for time and all eternity.  I cried.  Definately cried.

Here are some pictures from the day...

Kelsi and Emil Cluff :)

Me and the husband... He looks hot in church clothes.
Loved being back in our sealing room...
So many wonderful memories of the promises we've made!

My Temple.
60 degrees.
Mmm.... beautiful day.

Best Friends
(Missing Sister Owens)
The Married Group!
The Hendrickson's, The Cluff's, and The Burton's
(And...we all moved up in the alphabet!  Hurrah!)

I've known and loved this girl since I was 12.
Cruise, Alaska, first boyfriends, college, Michael Buble, high school, dances, missionaries...
We've tackled it all together.
And now, within seven months of each other, we married
handsome, smart, and AWESOME returned missionaries 
in the Temple.  

And the farewell as they drive off into the sunset of...
a Caribbean Cruise!  Woot!

Congrats to Kelsi and Emil!
Thanks for letting us share in your memories and joy.
We love you :)


Telsha Winger & fam said...

Thanks so much for all you did at the wedding Sam. You truly went above and beyond. Thanks for being such a great friend to Kelsi through the years too.

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