Reason 95: Honeymoon Day 4

Tuesday, June 22, 2010.

Today we went to Cabo San Lucas.  So, so beautiful.

It was such clear, blue water and beautiful rock formations coming out of the ocean.  We hired a water taxi to take us to "Lover's Beach" (pictured above).  There were some water arches, crashing waves, and beautiful white sand to relax on.  Once we pulled up to the sand we threw our bags off the boat and jumped.  Luckily this method of transportation limited the number of children present on this beach.  It was very peaceful.  After the beach, we found a beautiful, hand carved, stone chess set.  Jason was thrilled to find it.  A little souvenir for our new home!  

The Lovers Beach.  I adore this picture.

Riding the glass bottom boat to the beach

Our ship in the middle of the harbor.  We had to take tenders to get from the ship to land.

We saw pelicans, schools of fish, sea lions, and jumping manta rays at sunset.

The arches by Lovers Beach.  The icon of Cabo San Lucas!

Jumping off the boat to get to the beach.

The beach is probably his favorite place in the world.


Had to get the picture in front of the famous Senor Frog's!

Totally breathtaking.

Sunset shots!  Every night we would sit on the top deck, read our books, eat frozen yogurt, and watch the sunset over the ocean or the port we were leaving.  Probably one of my favorite memories.

So lucky to be in love ♥


Britta Lyn said...

Hey!!! I want a picture of the chest.. :D

Val said...

Miss Samantha, you and your man are a winning couple. These honeymoon pictures are sooo cute. Um, have I even seen you since your wedding? Something is wrong with this scene...

Photo Crazy! said...

Ok! Did you read my blog. We did the same cruise! It was way fun! Did you get bugged by the Sales people! LOL

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