Reason 77: Lagoon!

Saturday, June 5, 2010.

Today we went to Lagoon!  It was SO GREAT!  We got there at about noon and were able to get a lot of rides done the first two hours before it got busy.

This is us.  We are pretty cool.  We were waiting in line for the Wild Mouse which happens to be pretty scary.  My favorite ride was definately "Wicked."  It was the first time I've been on in...totally sweet.  0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds, straight up, straight down, corkscrews, oh yeah. 

This is wicked.  So cool, huh?  We went twice in a row- even though Jason was white as a sheet and motion sick the rest of the day.  But it was seriously the coolest ride.  Thanks for the suggestion, Andrew :)


We had funnel cakes and pretzels, huge homeade sub sandwiches that we packed, and other yummy food. We also got  through a LOT of rides.  And we got fantastic tans.  What more could you want?


This is Andrew on the ferris wheel.  I passionately despise ferris wheels.  I don't like how they swing and sway, stop and start, and spin in circles.  But- the boys made me go.  And I was not happy.

That is me being angry.  But then the nice ferris wheel people let us off and everything was okay :)

Lagoon was awesome- thanks to Andrew and Jason for being so adventurous.  It was just an overall fantastic weekend.  


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