Reason 81: Governor Andrew Justvig

Friday, June 11, 2010.

Today Andrew was elected Governor of Utah Boys State!  It was SO fantastic!  With this election he gets to go to Washington D.C. as well as plan and host next years Boys State (acting as governor, of course!).  This is a very big honor- Boys State is presented by the American Legion and made possibly by many veterans and current military personnel.  This was the 75th year running!  I am really proud of Andrew for working so hard and for applying his knowledge about politics and history to run for Governor.  I think he's found his academic passion.  He got some VERY nice compliments today and it just reminds me that we have NO REASON to give up on our dreams, but we should let our current situation encourage us and act as a catapult to become our very best and achieve everything we can imagine.

Nothing. Is. Impossible.

Me and Andrew after he won!

Andrew, his Lieutenant Governor, and two of the counselors at Boys State

Jake, Me, Andrew, and Uncle Thomas!


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