Reason 76: Humor U

Friday, June 4, 2010.

Friday was fantastic.  We started the evening by swimming in the newly-opened pool at our apartment complex!  That is seriously the greatest- I think I will spend a lot of the summer out there.  After the pool we came in and opened our KNIVES!  We got a very nice knives set from Jason's grandma, and decided it was time- married or not- to open them up!  They are so, so cool.  We even watched the Safety/Instructional DVD!  Then we started making tacos and Jason was in heaven as he easily sliced through everything with this beautiful knives.  They rock.

Taco's were a success.  After dinner we went to "Humor U" which is a stand-up comedy club on BYU campus.  It was so good!  I think Andrew and Jason really liked it as well.  It's nice to know it'll be 100% clean AND funny- most of the world probably doesn't think that's possible.  Just one reason why BYU is so awesome :)


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