Reason 85: An Imminent Marriage

Friday, June 18, 2010.

Oh hey, guess what I'm doing this weekend?

Getting married.


I told this boy WAY back in March 2007 that I wanted to marry him.  And here we are.  It is so unreal I can hardly contain my excitement.  I am kind of in shock.  I love that kid more than you can believe.

AND to begin our wedding festivities, Jason was just offered a job working in a CANCER RESEARCH LAB at BYU!  He is working in the DNA group, specifically with the biochemical techniques.  I am so giddy and happy and excited for him... he deserves this.  Oh man... life is just so good!

My blogging will probably be non-existent for awhile.  Stay classy, everyone.


Photo Crazy! said...

Your wedding was BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe that you are now a Mrs.! Love you! Happy Wedding Day!

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