Reason 84: Minds

Wednesday, June 16, 2010.

I think I'm losing my mind.

Micro final.  Exercise Phys final.  Studying with Alysen.  Packing for the honeymoon.  Packing for St. George.  Packing for the wedding.

Yes- those are three separate packing adventures.

Cleaning.  Laundry.  Studying.  Dying.  Lists.  Planning.  Eating.  Exhausted.

Maybe I should resort to vodka...

Quiz in 8 hours, final in 9 hours. Still more studying to do.

Someday I am going to look back on this and laugh but for now- I think my mind is going into a college/wedding induced coma.

It's all so exciting though :)  I suggest college and weddings to any looking for an adventure.


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