Reason 87: Homemade Pizza

Saturday, July 10, 2010.

The wedding posts will be temporarily put on hold until I have the pictures.  I know you are all sad, but such is life.  :-)

Tonight's topic?  Homemade pizza.

Today, me and my new husband spent a long time opening and organizing all of our new gifts.  Next, we made pizza dough in our new, awesome breadmaker.  Then we used our new pizza stone and made pizza with mozzarella, olives, pepperoni's, and green peppers.  And now- we are eating it.  Oh my goodness- it is the best pizza I have ever had.

So the moral of tonight's story is:

1. Breadmakers rock.
2.  Homemade pizza is top notch.
3. I love having a clean, organized apartment.
4. I love having a husband.
5. And now we are going to go watch "Valentines Day."

I hope summer never ends.


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