Reason 88: Sunday :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010.

Citing our recent myriad of travels to and from St. George as well as our week in Mexico, a full day of church has been rare. But finally we were able to return today-- and it was SO wonderful!  Uncle Mike is the bishop of the Glenwood Ward at BYU so we went over to that ward (we are legitimate nomads for a while since Canyon Terrace is only married housing in the summer).  That was the most wonderful BYU ward I have ever been to!

The sacrament meeting talks were about patriotism and all three speakers brought a wonderful view to the topic.  Sunday school was about the book of scripture Psalms and I learned A LOT from a very, very good teacher.  Relief Society was very touching as well- this topic about the Atonement.  Jason and I left church extremely happy.  It was so wonderful.

Tonight included: Settlers of Catan, Bejeweled, Uno, Chicken sauteed with vegetables and Jamaican jerk sauce over rice, planning out my high school tee shirt quilt, and lots of relaxation.  Soon it will also include ice cream with junior mints and chocolate sauce.  How good is summer?  Only 23 days til football starts.  I am SO excited, but also sad to see summer go.

This weeks agenda?   Independent study psychology.  Family finance lecture.  More games, food, and summer fun.  Camping this week.  Granny and pops passing through.  Apartment reserving.  Textbook searching.  Drivers license renewing.  De-junking.

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