Reason 92: Honeymoon Day 1

Saturday, June 19, 2010.

As we await wedding pictures, I have decided to start blogging about our amazing Honeymoon!  We finally received our last CD of pictures in the mail from Mexico, so I will now document our adventures.

Let me begin with a warning- we were tired of pictures.  There are very few pictures.  The thought of taking more pictures of ourselves was a little nauseating.  Our images at ages 20 and 21 will be forever engrained by photographical evidence.  We are talking THOUSANDS of pictures.  So, please be understanding as to the low quality, fake-picture-taking-smiles, and relatively small selection of photos from our Honeymoon.

 The night of our wedding we stayed at "The M Hotel" in Las Vegas.

SO COOL!  They had floor to ceiling windows, huge rooms, a flat screen tv in the bathroom, and really good food.  I was excited to find this myriad of chocolate-y goodness awaiting our arrival.

The chocolate covered strawberries on the left were from my grandpa's friend who is one of the main guys at this resort.  He was kind enough to have these made and delivered to our room.  The plate on the right was from Jake :) Can you say yummy?!  I would definately recommend this resort to anyone.

Let me remind you that at this point, I still did not know where we were going on our honeymoon.  And Jason had no intentions of telling me!  


Britta Lyn said...

or anyone else...i tried to get it out of him just cause im nosie, as you well know.. :D

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