Reason 94: Honeymoon Day 3

Monday, June 21, 2010.

Call us crazy, but we spent most of today reading and sleeping.  Sunday night we had each taken a Bonine (for motion sicknesses), eaten a considerably large dinner, and I had used Affrin and taken a night time cold pill (which we lovingly nicknamed the "knock you out dead" pills).  We slept from about 10 pm to 11 am.  We had an inside state room- no windows, no noise, no ship movement.  It was the best sleep I've ever gotten!  I don't think I'd ever want an exterior state room.  It was too wonderful.

We proceeded to the top deck buffet to stuff our faces.  We explored the ship and were SHOCKED with the size.  It was SOOOO big!  There was a shopping mall/promenade, a theater, two pools, a two level gym, ten hot tubs, a cafe with 24-hour food, a diner, an arcade, a library, a computer room, a massive casino, bars at every corner, a huge lounge, a big kids club, game rooms, and three levels of dining rooms.  WOW.  And we can't forget the miniature golf course, the rock climbing wall, the full size basketball court, the inline skating rink, and the golf simulator.

This is our cool ship.  We were on Deck 6 which was perfectly positioned in between everything!

Monday night was formal night.  I love formal night.  I was excited that I still fit into my high school formal dresses so I could get another use out of them.

Dinner was one of our favorite activities.  Usually we'd indulge in two appetizers, a main dish, a dessert, and a sorbet.  YUMM.  After dinner we changed into some semi formal clothes and headed to some shows and parties.  And we found more food.  

This is the shopping mall and promenade I mentioned.  Way cool.

Today afforded us a lot of food and a lot of sleep.  Much needed recovery from the wedding/school/work craziness.  


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