Reason 93: Honeymoon Day 2

Sunday, June 20, 2010.

Naturally, today I woke up sick.  Sore throats and colds had been circulating around both families and had finally hit.  After delicious room service of omelets and chocolate milk, we stopped in the small hotel store to buy overpriced medication.  I was then handed a Google map and was told that I would be navigating to our mysterious destination.  The destination was cut out and I was not familiar enough with distances or street/freeway names to figure out where we were headed. So I waited.

After a brief stop in Rancho Cucamonga to acquire even more decongestants, affrin, and cough syrup (I was pretty sick- haha) we continued to drive.  I saw downtown L.A. and began to consider Catalina Island,     Long Beach, and Pasadena as possible destinations.  We were slightly lost due to my poor navigation (it's hard when you don't know your destination!) and Jason began to worry.  I couldn't figure out why it mattered what time we got to our hotel, but I was consoled with the reasoning that we had food waiting for us (I was the definition of dense that day).  Soon we are driving over the shipping yard.  I was enthralled, but I thought we were too far south of the cruise terminal for that to be a possibility.   We then pulled up to a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship and I legitimately thought we were just lost.  Ha.  It wasn't until Jason leaned out the window and asked the security man "How do I get to that boat?" that I realized we were, in fact, going on a cruise.

And there was much rejoicing.  And crying.  And hugging.  And kissing.  And exclamations.  And a text with a lot of exclamation points to our anxiously awaiting families (even though they all knew, they thought they were real clever for hiding it from me).  *Sigh* Can you say heaven?

Los Angeles, California 

Sailing off into the sunset... well kinda. 

It was windy.  I am always amazed at how a cruise feels like it is moving SO SLOW but... it's not.

So the official details on our honeymoon cruise:

Cruise line: Royal Caribbean
Cruise Ship: Mariner of the Seas
Length: 7 Days
Destination: The Mexican Riviera
      Day 1- Los Angeles
      Day 2- At Sea
      Day 3- Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
      Day 4- Mazatlan, Mexico
      Day 5- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
      Day 6- At Sea
      Day 7- At Sea
      Day 8- Los Angeles

Bliss.  Bliss bliss bliss bliss bliss.  I love cruises so much and have always wanted to do a cruise for a honeymoon.  Jason was so sweet to make it happen.  In my opinion, it is the most relaxed type of vacation you can go on.  No worries about food, cleaning, moving hotels, finding your next destination, crossing the border, or anything.  Just relaxation.

One more wind fascination picture :)


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