Reason 127: The Royal Wedding

Saturday, April 30, 2011.

Yep- I'm one of them.  I found myself getting obsessed with the Royal Wedding on Thursday (so not too bad, only a few days).  Kind of random, but here are my main thoughts on this topic.

-I have visited London twice.  I got to tour Buckingham Palace, visit the Westminster Abbey, and drive by other historic landmarks.  I'm familiar enough with the city that it was SO fun to see these sites on tv for this event.
-I remember when Princess Diana died.  I was only seven years old and I remember being glued to the TV with my mom, watching the coverage.  So I guess that was my first real "experience" paying attention to the British Royal Family.
-I think Kate Middleton is GORGEOUS.  And William is some mixture of goofy-cute-and totally and obviously in love with Kate.
-It is seriously like a fairytale.  With all the devastating news coming from the South, this was a pleasant reminder that happiness DOES exist.

And just like everyone else I'm going to go ahead and say it....

Kate's dress? WOW.  Oh my goodness.  I have never seen anything like that.  I'm not a fashion follower by any means- most current "fashions" I totally don't get or I don't see why someone would pay so much for clothes.  But this dress?  Stunning.

Photo from Google Images

Yeah- I love everything about this dress and veil.  And hair.  And did you know she did her own makeup?  Haha even I couldn't pull that one off.  This whole wedding reminds me of my own which happened almost a year ago- we are at approximately 10 1/2 months.  Time flies.  And because it is the cool thing to do, here is my favorite picture of my wedding dress.

On another note: It's still snowing here, I went to Tucanos Brazilian Grill for the first time (YUM), and I have had a much needed lazy weekend with Jason.  


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