Reason 133: The Brachial Plexus

Wednesday, May 11, 2011.

Oh, brachial plexus, how you concern me.

See this?  I have to memorize this.  Be able to draw this.  Know what connects to what.  Know what is damaged/weakened when a certain portion is cut.  How do you memorize something like this? In the summer?

Then....how do you find this business on a cadaver?  My TA would lift up a little piece of insides and call it a nerve.  My jaw would have dropped to the floor, but I was afraid of inhaling too much formaldehyde ;-)

Today I also read an extremely long position statement on cervical spine injuries.  I basically highlighted the whole position.  That stuff is SO important.  And as of right now, my worst fear is handling a C-spine injury.  But I totally feel more prepared after position statement. 

I also read about environmental conditions in the Arnheim Principles of Athletic Training text book (yes, I am reading the entire 1000 page text book in six weeks). 

BOC. Functional Anatomy. BOC. Functional Anatomy.
Off to open lab!


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