Reason 142: Nursery

Sunday, May 29, 2011.

We got our calling in our new ward and we are officially in the nursery!  This will definately be a new experience- especially since I've been in single student wards from August 2008 until April 2011.

This picture hangs on the door.  Funny, huh?  Today actually was really fun!  Not many callings include puzzles, snacks, playtime, singing time, and coloring.  And I LOVE being in there with Jason.  I think there are about nine kids if they all come.  Today we only had five- so it was a good introduction.  I realized how long it has been since Hannah was that little- I don't remember much about the 18- 36 months age group.  They are SMART kids!  

We are super excited to be in this new ward and feel really welcome.  I also played the piano in sacrament today- accompanying a vocal solo.  We just jumped right in, I guess!  And tomorrow morning we are off to the cemetery to decorate the graves.  We were supposed to go today, but lo and behold, it is raining.  Surprise, surprise!


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