Reason 131: BYU Rugby

Saturday, May 7, 2011.

Rugby is one of the most awesome sports on the planet.  Today, Jason and I met up with the Hepworth's to watch BYU Rugby take on Navy in the quarterfinals.  It was WONDERFUL- the team looked awesome.  We beat them 64-12!  Now we move on to the semifinals on May 14.  The championship game will be held in Sandy, so it would be SWEET to win that.

Photo from BYU RUGBY Facebook Page

I got to work with the Rugby team in Fall 2009 which was SO amazing.  It's nice to have time to go to their games now. It was also really warm outside today- perfect to be outside.  Only downside?  The top of my knees got burned.  BADLY.  And my arms, face, and neck.  But, oh what a blessing this warm weather is!

Go BYU Rugby!  I would love to see them win the National Championship!


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