Reason 140: Homeade Calzones

Sunday, May 22, 2011.

I have been posting about food a lot lately.  Oh well.  Today, Jason surprised me with potentially the best meal he has ever made.  He made a calzone from scratch!  He made the pizza dough, added stuff to make it more calzone-crust like, and filled it with all of our fresh veggies from the Bountiful Basket.

Wow.  It was SO GOOD.  He didn't follow a recipe- he just kind of made it up.  Somedays I try and talk him into going to culinary school.  Maybe after med school as- a hobby?  Then he made homemade alfredo sauce to dip it in.  We also used tomato sauce and a little barbeque sauce (all in separate bowls).

Yep.  Love this kid.


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