Reason 139: How to Conquer the Week

Saturday, May 21, 2011.

One more week of this crazy Spring Term down.  Weeks FLY by.  And because of this, I've found myself becoming obsessed with studying.  Weird, huh?  Every single moment I think about studying. I just really want to do well in my anatomy class and I REALLY want to pass the BOC the first time.

Accomplishments of the week:
-I tried a Papusa at the El Salvador Restaurant with our almost- El Salvadorian friend, Sister Springer.
-Sammy's cupcake shake with Jake, Linz, Danni, and Courtney
-Red Robin for Mary's birthday for Jake, Aly, and Chelts
-Survived the Nervous System lab test AND lecture test
-Running, biking, weight lifting
-Watched the amazing BYU Rugby play Cal for the National Championship.  What a battle.

-Bountiful Basket.  Mmm mmm.
-Sang a solo (twice) in my vocal skills class.  Did you know that engaging your abs makes the breathiness disappear?
-Hair cut.  Well, trimmed. Growing my bangs out, still growing my hair out.

P.S. It finally stopped raining.  It rained Sunday- Friday.  Blah.  It's hard to have any energy when it is all doom and gloom outside.  


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