Reason 68: Rock Climbing and Gnocchi

Sunday, May 23, 2010.

Yesterday, Jason and I went rock climbing in Rock Canyon!  It was really cool.  You drive East past the Provo Temple and find yourself in a small parking lot.  After a 15 minute hike and a couple of river crossings, we found ourselves at a very nice rock climbing location.  We set up and started climbing!

Look how pretty!  This is the rock we climbed up.  Sweet, huh?  


Jason wasn't especially happy I was taking pictures when I should've been saving his life :)

Behind Jason you can see the canyon we were in.  So cool.

This is me at the TOP!  After much coaching and encouraging, Jason got me to the top!  It was super hard but I made it!  Thanks babe :)  When you got to the top you could see the Provo Temple, Utah Lake, and the valley.  That was sweet.

After we finished.  Tired, sweaty, covered in chalk.  That was amazing.

Oh yes- and we made Gnocchi.  Success!  We are hoping to perfect the recipe and make it a staple.  


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