Reason 73: Road Trips

Friday, May 28, 2010.

Do you want to know one way to tell if you are about to marry the right person?  Go on a road trip with them, start dramatically singing to your ipod, and see how they react.

I am definitely marrying the right person.

The drive to StG on Friday was turning out to be lame because of traffic, so I turned on my ipod to our wedding playlist and started singing along.  Soon, Jason had joined in.  I fell more in love with that kid than you can ever believe.

We really got into the music- Disney songs, Coldplay, Country... the whole mix.  We had all the facial expressions, tone changes, and imaginary microphones.  We even busted out some dance moves.  It was so fantastic.  We sang for 2 and a half solid hours- with a stop in Cedar for Maverick frozen yogurt and some candy.  It was quite possibly the most fun road trip ever.

Especially since our destination was St. George.

Thanks, babe.


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