Reason 57: Now I Can

Monday, May 10, 2010

A certain little girl emailed me today and told me to update my blog.  I didn't realize I had such an avid fan base ;-).  I am still waiting to get my bridal shower pictures from Saturday, so I will blog about that tomorrow.  But THANK YOU THANK YOU to Maren for all of her planning and hard work and to everyone that came.  I have the greatest friends!

Saturday morning I had an awesome chance to help out with the "Run to Walk 5k" that was organized as a fundraiser for "Now I Can."  What is Now I Can?  The Now I Can Foundation is a non-profit charity helping children with disabilities make strides toward independence through physical therapy.   This is the same kind of therapy my brother, Andrew, has done in Poland at the Euromed clinic.  You can read about Andrew and his success with this physical therapy treatment in this Deseret News story from 2005.  The other child featured in this article is Colby Christensen, the daughter of the founders of "Now I Can" in Provo.  Read it.   It's pretty awesome stuff.  I am absolutely blessed to be a small part of this Provo clinic.  Hopefully this summer affords even more time working with these kids.  These are some of the most incredible kids you will ever meet.

The 5k was WONDERFUL.  There was so much community support!  It was more than worth it to wake up for that.  I got to help at the finish line which was pretty exciting.  It was a good day.

I am grateful for people who are willing to take risks, challenge themselves, and change the world.  THAT is what life is about.   Thanks for a weekend of inspiration, Now I Can!


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