Reason 55: Law and Order

Dang roommate.

I don't watch much TV.  I watch Parenthood, The Office, and the occasional Regis and Kelly or David Letterman.  But today, as I laid on the couch in severe pain from Zumba and Power Cardio, I watched a good chunk of the Law and Order marathon.  I was hooked!  Luckily I had planned to spend the day writing thank you cards and putting together a portfolio so I still got a lot done-- but that is besides the point!

The message tonight?  Don't let your roommates trick you into watching shows.  Ever.

This is TWICE Jocelyn has done this to me! First it was that one night last fall where we stayed up nearly ALL NIGHT watching Criminal Minds.  Now it is Law and Order SVU.  Really, Jocelyn?  Really?

It is a very good show.  I feel like I have learned a lot about law proceedings (hopefully the stuff in the show is all true).  And I had a relative productive day.  So it actually all turned out to be okay.

But be warned- roommates can be bad influences.  Haha.


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