Reason 51: Mountain Biking

Sunday, May 2, 2010.

So much for catching up.  It was never going to happen so we will just move on!  This weekend I went to St. George and surprised my siblings and fiance!  We had a superb spread of events.  Highlights include:

Surprising Hannah: She was at a baseball game with a friend when I found her.  She stared at me with this completely absent stare for probably ten seconds before her eyes got huge, the scream came ("SAAAAMMMMIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!"), and my favorite little shadow was attached to my leg for the rest of the weekend!

Toy Story: Friday night we had a little "sibling bonding time."  Hannah made us all snacks and we started our late night movie- the Blu Ray version of Toy Story.  Thanks to Aaron for this plan- it was so much fun!  Hannah and I fought sleep (both eventually losing), but it was great to be with all my favorite kids watching an old Disney classic.

Garlic Bread Pizza: Aaron loves garlic.  So we made a garlic bread pizza for lunch!  I introduced him to garlic salt (haha sorry mom!) and we went from there.  We also made a Crazy Cake, which might be one of my favorite desserts of all time. Hmm...

Mountain Biking: Saturday afternoon me, Hannah, Jason, Thomas, Luke, and James rode the Bearclaw Poppy Trail.  Poor little Hannah was a trooper on her one-speed bike as we did the big hill climb. And on the way down?  She was a daredevil.  I am relatively fearless when it comes to mountain biking, but I  had to literally fly down the mountain to keep up with Hannah.  I think her brakes were malfunctioning or else she really never touched them.  That was an incredible ride with her.

Chips, Salsa, and Swimming: Self-explanatory. I am absolutely in love with chips and salsa.

Ironman 2010:  Amazing.  Inspiring.  I seriously still have chills from watching this incredible display of athleticism.  2.3 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run.  HOLY CRAP.  I was nearly in tears at the finish line as I watched all this crazy and dedicated souls finish.  Jason and I had an amazing time watching the end of the Ironman.

Sunday: Sunday is general is just always a great day.  The kids and I played Boggle (my victory meant Aaron had to shower- good thing I won that game!) and went to church.  I also got to have dinner with Jason and his family.  I am just so blessed to have the most incredible family and family-in-law.

Fantastic weekend.  Thanks to Jake, Hannah, Aaron, Andrew, Mom, Pops, James, Denise, Luke, Thomas, Sarah and Pedro the Parakeet for an awesome weekend.


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