Reason 53: Yoga

Tuesday, May 4, 2010.

Today I started Yoga.  It was fantastic.  I even got a yoga mat at Target last night.  It's green and has a tree on it.  But my mat is besides the point.

When I walked into the room, I scouted out the nearest non-yoga-pants-wearing girls to go set up by.   Reasoning?  Then we can all look a little bit ridiculous and uncoordinated together.  I quickly made three friends (one of which is also getting married on June 19) and we dove into our new summer commitment together.  It was so much fun!  The teacher was really great and corrected our positions so we would get the maximum workout and experience possible.

My favorite pose?  The pigeon pose.  It was this fantastic IT Band/Gluteal stretch.  You were also able to really elongate your spine which felt so good.  The corpse pose was good stuff, also.  This is going to be a fantastic summer.  I can feel it in the air (and on the calendar- 45 days!).

Tomorrow night?  Zumba.


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