Reason 56: Muscles

Muscles are pretty cool.  The past two exercise physiology lectures we have been talking about muscles. It never ceases to amaze me how intricate, precise, and well-designed they are.  I really enjoy learning about the fiber types- Type I, Type IIa, and Type IIx.  Each person has a different amount of each of these fibers. A good portion of the determination is genetics, but these fibers are also highly effected by training.

Type I fibers are typically seen in endurance athletes because they are able to get oxygen to the muscle and prolong activity and continue to respond to stimulation for an action potential.

Type IIa fibers are known as intermediate fibers.  They have more of a power aspect and are seen in football players, weight lifters, and sprinters.

Type IIx fibers are fast twitch fibers and aren't overly common in humans.  These are seen in elite, world-class power athletes.

We watched this sweet video about a world champion sprinter from England.  He had a muscle biopsy done and was found to have a large amount of type IIx fibers.  Genetically endowed?  Yes.  Watch this video.  It's super cool and it is NOT dull and boring with big words.  Just very interesting.

BBC Making of Me- Colin Jackson

I am also grateful for muscles today because my Yoga/Zumba/Power Cardio endeavors have left intense pain in muscles I did not realize you could adequately work out.  And general soreness everywhere else.

This is the life :) So excited for my Bridal Shower tomorrow!  Thanks to Maren for all her hard work and to Jocelyn for assisting in the "grunt work" (that is a direct quote).  I don't know what I would do without such one-in-a-million friends!


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