Reason 61: St. George Triathlon

Saturday, May 15, 2010.

Today was the St. George Triathlon!  My super athletic fiance and his super athletic family had an Olypmic Triathlon relay team.  Jake did the swim which was 1.5 kilometers.  His time was 26 minutes 31 seconds- so good!  He was the second place swimmer of all the relay teams and his time was better than three of the seven elite triathletes!  Basically, he is amazing.

Thomas was asked to step in for the bike portion the night before- and he did so good!  33 k is not a small distance but he stuck it out and and finished in 1 hour 34 minutes.

Finally, James didn't succumb to old age and his week of vacationing and was the first place 10k finisher of the relay teams.

My next goal?  Triathlon.  September 18.  Unless I get selected to travel to Florida State with the BYU Football team.  Oh decisions :)


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