Reason 12: Snowboarding

I love snowboarding.  I'm not very good at it considering I don't frequently go (although I wish I could).  It's one of those sports that you can really play around with and make it your own.   For instance- I ride goofy (right foot forward) but because of my ACL reconstruction and general left leg weakness, riding toe edge is very difficult and painful.  So If I want to go left I have to ride regular, heel-edge.  Basically I ride heel-edge the entire way down the mountain.  Interesting and abnormal, I know.  But for now it is how I will compensate.

It was a beautiful, warm day with fresh powder.

Reenacting the proposal.  I couldn't help but laugh.

Cool slightly-action shot that makes me look kinda legit.  Thanks James :)

Me and my love :)

Crashed.  Bummer.  Thomas is an awesome boarder :)

So after an amazing day of snowboarding, sledding, food, and games- I have been reminded that I am very excited to join the Burton family.  Thanks for the trip guys :)

And to my family in warm San Diego- you suck.  Haha :)


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