Reason 19: Family Visits :)

Reason 19 that life is good?

My family came from St. George to visit me.

Even more spectacular is that my little Hannah is NINE YEARS OLD!

Our weekend was supposed to include snowshoeing but due to the lack of snow, such events were cancelled.  We did have a hard fought game of bowling- mom destroyed all of us!  Also a trip to the BYU bookstore, dinner at the pizza buffet, a little wedding shopping, lots of wedding planning, hot tubbing, watched the BYU basketball game, a birthday party for Hannah, chocolate chip pancakes, "The Princess and the Frog," and a game of Cranium.

At the bowling alley.

"The camera LOVES me!"

Aaron had quite the form! He got second place.

He obviously learned from our mother.  Go mom! 

My cute family :)

Aaron was sucking on lemons.  Haha.

Look at this cute cake!  I was SOOO excited!

Happy 9th birthday Hannah girl!

Life is so good :)


Photo Crazy! said...

How fun! What a great fam you have!!

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