Reason 6: My Mother

My mother pretty much rocks.  It's funny because our personalities are SO different.  Our tastes in clothes and music are polar opposites.   But I think that's what makes our relationship so dynamic and awesome.  Trying on wedding dresses with her this weekend was definately fun but also quite interesting.

I went to Bridal Elegance Friday afternoon with my mom, little sister, and grandma.  I knew I could not commit to a wedding dress that my mom didn't like- but I also wouldn't choose one if I wasn't insanely in love with it.  This definately presented a problem.   My mother loved all the lacy, bead-filled, vintage dresses.  I liked the very, very simple dress.  I tried on maybe 12 dresses and was able to narrow it down to two.  Coming back the next day, we both ended up loving the same dress.  A small miracle?  I think so.

So on Saturday I bought my wedding dress!  And a veil, necklace, and slip.  This is real.  Wow.

My mom is amazing and I love her to death.  I am pretty convinced she is superwoman and has superhuman powers.  So to you, mom.... YOU are a reason life is good.

My cool family at a BYU football game in September :)


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