Reason 4: Hard Work = Success

Finally.  I have finally worked really hard for something and had it pay off in college.  I have put so many hours into my anatomy and physics classes over the semester and I am totally seeing results.  I walked into the testing center feeling less than prepared today- I had a physics test, an upper extremities test, an anatomy lab quiz, an anatomy lecture quiz, and a physics assignment all over the course of 72 hours, so studying time per subject was minimal.  But lo and behold I did well on everything (so far- upper extremities isn't done yet).  I even got a compliment from the testing center screen after my anatomy lecture quiz (it said, "Well Done!") This is a small miracle to me.  I spent my freshman year absolutely convinced that hard work did nothing for you in college but waste your time.  I feel differently now- I think the key is effectiveness.

Reason 4 that life is good- those seven am treks to the cadaver lab and physics tutorial lab are paying off.

Also- this made me happy.  Maren found it on the Love Gives Me Hope website, a quaint website for us undercover hopeless romantics.  Although this wedding planning is making me a LOT less undercover.  Oh well :)

Jake- this is truly how I plan to spend the rest of my life with you ♥


Val said...

Sam. I LOVE THIS IDEA. You are beautiful. I will see you this weekend. Oh and where did you go for this nifty blog template?

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