Reason 3: Salad Dressing

Today I realized that salad dressing is a reason that life is good.  After a long day of classes, an even longer day at UVU, a successful (for once) physics test, and a workout at the gym-- I had the best salad.  And as I put a vinaigrette salad dressing on my creation, I paused for a moment of silence to honor this brilliant tradition.   Salads would be pretty dull without salad dressing.  And my bet is that salads would've stopped evolving at green leaves and tomatoes, never reaching this artistic level they are at now.  I do love salads.

Jake and I decided that one of our first goals is going to be to perfect Zupas barbeque chicken salad.  We've thoroughly dissected how to make it and I feel as though we are prepared to attempt it.  A blindfolded taste test might be in order- however that is probably just more to cover as an excuse to go to Zupas and pick up some soup, sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, and raspberry Dr. Pepper.  Don't judge- just try it.

108 days until we are sealed.  I truly thought this would never come.


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