Reason 22: Living in the Moment

Today I am grateful that I've been able to keep my head in the moment.  I always can tell you how many days until my wedding, but given the opportunity I would not rush through these next 86 days.  This is pretty rare for me- I always have seemed to base my excitement on the NEXT big event- high school graduation, college, Christmas break, summer, starting the athletic training program, getting a new athletic training assignment- and most of all I spent a LOT of time living for the future, waiting for Jason to come home.  I am extremely similar to my almost father-in-law in this way.  And he has spent a lot of time reminding me that living in the moment is more important than waiting for the next adventure. So if he happens to read this- thanks for all your words.  They clicked at the perfect time :)

So here is a list of reasons why I wouldn't want to get to June 19th any faster than it will come:
1.  As burned out as I am for the semester, I love my classes.  I love the schedule I've developed and I've really proven to myself that I can get out of bed every morning to study and do homework and return to campus after UVU to finish.
2.  I am already getting a little sentimental about leaving UVU track.  I really like the athletes, the athletic trainer, and the atmosphere.  It's always a big change to switch assignments and I am really enjoying this one.
3. I am super excited for my two bridal showers.  Like- really excited.
4.  I love registering for items with Jason.  It's fun to scan all the stuff, brainstorm, make lists, compare brands.. all that good stuff.  Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond are becoming frequently viewed websites.
5.  I love planning the reception.  I try to restrict planning to Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so I can focus on school which also really helps me stay focused.  But it is SO FUN to plan.  Especially with my awesome mom and grandma.  And my grandpa.  Seriously- they are the best.
6.  I love BEING engaged.  I love it when people ask about it, about Jason, about plans.  You know that even complete strangers are TRULY excited for you.  It's pretty sweet.
7.  I love the excuse to listen to endless love songs.  Got to have a perfect playlist at the reception, right?
8.  I am so, so, so, so, SOOOO excited for engagement pictures (April 22) and bridals (June).  Pictures are so fun.

This is becoming a really wordy post so I will wrap it up.  But basically- I have figured out how to live in the moment and I am honestly happier then ever.  I appreciate things like the warm weather, conversation with friends, chance encounters (love you Brooke!), good music, good smells, and most importantly- my relationship with Jason.  It's not getting drowned out or sucked away or replaced by tablecloth colors, pasta salad dilemmas, or flower arrangement decisions.

Live in the moment.  Seriously.  It makes life so good :)

Underneath a waterfall in the Subway at Zion National Park in July 2008. 
Thanks for all the memories, babe.  I can't wait to make more.


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