Reason 15: The Knot

I have a new favorite website.

It's called The Knot.  It is a wedding website that is so crammed full of stuff you can barely pull yourself away from it.  They have every wedding topic imaginable on this website.  You can search stuff by season, style, color, theme, type, length, price... it's so cool.  My favorite thing is to click on the "Yellow Weddings" section (since our colors are black, white, and yellow) and look at how super creative people are.

Look at this cake I found.  So cool, right?  Replace those flowers with some baby sunflowers and we've got a wedding cake!  

So if you are ever looking for a fun website, try The Knot because it will seriously make you so happy.

Until you fail your test the next day...
but that's the nature of being engaged, right? 


Val said...

Dear Sam,
I beginning to think this blog could be more appropriately titled 365 Days of Being In Love or 365 Reasons I'm Quite Possibly Obsessed with Jake and Our Wedding. Or possibly... I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!! Either way, you make me smile dear. You're wedding will be breathtaking.

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